october mood

1 10 2009

oct.mood L




7 responses

1 10 2009

Really Beautifull!!!:o)

1 10 2009
Ignacio Carlos Ochoa

Where you taked this beautiful picture? !!!!

You are a genius.
Thanks by sharing its genius.

from hans –
thank you ignacio, but it is painted

1 10 2009

That is absolutely beautiful. You are an amazing artist.

2 10 2009
Ignacio Carlos Ochoa

Of course that it is a paint. I tried to be ironic, but is so difficult in english to me.

2 10 2009


2 10 2009

Long time looker first time commenter….
Love the image, what software do you use? Photoshop? Do you work from photos? I find it so hard to get the right colour palette for these sort of images. Do you have any suggestions for books on colour theory or is it mainly experience?

from hans –
I use photoshop and get the inspiration from photos I took or pictures I find in photo-archives. the trees and branches are brushes, some of my about 15.000 brushes. better than learning from theories is to look at nature and experiment – it’s more fun

3 10 2009

Great mood/atmosphere!!!
I like the balance between saturated and desaturated areas.

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