posters 2

2 10 2009

some more posters by HEINZ EDELMANN, my favorite is the one for YELLOW SUBMARINE.




© heinz edelmann/WDR
© apple corps/the beatles




2 responses

5 10 2009
Luke Menichelli

Please post as many of these as you can. His illustration & book design can be found through dealers but the posters are impossible, especially the WDR kids schedules that were mail premiums.

I can’t speak German so many of Edelmann’s jokes go flying over my head but the visual end always communicates. I’ve saved the various images I would be glad to pass on.

from hans –
please do…

6 10 2009
Luke Menichelli

WDR Jazz Crazy

Let me know if this fails, I haven’t tried it before.

from hans –
thank you very much, beautiful!

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