a while ago

8 10 2009

a few years ago, as maybe some of you might remember, I had a number of blogs with another server – very unpleasant affair. anyway, I got very upset in the end and deleted everything on the published blogs after I saved all the posted articles and images in my personal files. now I thought about publishing some of the stuff again, there are so many new frequent visitors…

moonb BBB

let’s start with my all time favorite filmmaker – JOHN HUBLEY, and – MOONBIRD, 1959, voices of mark and ray hubley, animated by BOBE CANNON and ED SMITH, the first of three Oscar-winning and seven Oscar-nominated shorts from the hubleys. best short animated subject, 1959. here is the official info from the KEYFRAME website – john and faith hubley recorded the random conversation of their children and then constructed an Oscar-winning cartoon around it. the story concerns two boys who have a nocturnal adventure outside their house, making a trap to catch the mysterious ‘moonbird’.


moonbird 1c

john hubley formed storyboard studios after he was blacklisted by the HOUSE UNAMERICAN ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE, and fired from UPA, for refusing to ‘name names’ or apologise for his previous work. ironically he had helped form UPA after being involved in the Disney animator’s strike.

moonbird pan ending

ADVENTURES OF AN *, 1957, the first film john and faith hubley produced together commissioned by the guggenheim museum. I never forget when I saw this jewel for the first time in an animation exhibition in zurich in 1971. at that time I was studying design in my 2.year. from then on I wanted to create films like adventures of an * and moonbird. the sugar sweet disney films were forgotten and I concentrated on the NEW animation, like the ZAGREB FILM shorts, LEN LYE and NORMAN McLAREN, LENICA and even the new french and english animation.
adventures of an *a

© john + faith hubley




3 responses

8 10 2009
Michael Sporn

The artwork for these two films is stunningly beautiful. One of the joys of working for the Hubleys was the framed artwork covering every square inch of wallspace in the large apartment that was their studio. I spent my lunch breaks just looking, if not at the framed backgrounds on the walls then at 16mm copies of their films. It was a magical part of my life.
I’ll always hold these two films, among others of the period, as responsible for my awakening to good animated films.

I’m pleased you’re reposting some of this material. So much of it was brilliantly put together. I look forward to Snow White’s backgrounds.

from hans –
I can not even imagine how that was. you are so lucky. why has there never been a book with all the artwork from those masterpieces? I am sure most of them are still around.
btw, I posted already most of the snow white BG’s – look for ‘castle’ and ‘1937’

9 10 2009
jung etienne

beautiful artwork

13 10 2009
Nancy Beiman

There is only one book on the Hubleys, and it was about the 1977 DOONESBURY SPECIAL. One is long overdue!

I, too, was inspired to go into animation not by Disney films but by Hubley and Zagreb films. I wanted desperately to study with Hubley at Yale, but my SAT scores weren’t high enough…damn.

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