9 10 2009

following is the recreated opening pan for the november 1940 WARNER BROTHERS short BEDTIME FOR SNIFFLES, directed by CHUCK JONES, animated by BOBE CANNON. the pretty long pan is in two parts, after the S/N move and a short stop it continues East and stops on one of the roofs.

WB bedtime for sniffles14
WB bedtime f.sniffles 2

© WB




2 responses

9 10 2009

amazing background work. I must admit that backgrounds are my weaker point but I enjoy admiring the artwork regardless.

It was late that I learned about the panning techniques that are used on backgrounds to make it appear as if the viewer is moving through a town or a forest.. simple yet very effective.

I love the hues on this artwork. I could really feel winter from this.

11 10 2009

This is our family’s all-time favorite Christmas cartoon. (In addition to Mickey’s Christmas Carol…) Any chance it’s on DVD somewhere?

from hans –
I have it on a laserdisc compilation. but maybe you check the WB releases on DVD

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