12 10 2009

JOHN WATKISS did a lot of designwork inclusive storyboards on the 2004 released SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW. recently he worked on the new version of SHERLOCK HOLMES and you can see some of the artwork after the film comes out. john moved back to brighton about a year and a half back. he’s currently working on a lot of personal stuff, a DAVY CROCKET- project for WB, and a very large project for the Estate of Robert E. Howard. there is a lot more to see on his website.
following some of his ‘sky captain’ storyboards.


© Brooklyn Films II/Paramount Pictures/john watkiss



4 responses

13 10 2009
Rick Tucker

John’s work is among the best in illustration, comics and film design. He’s very under appreciated in comics and yet he has some of the most distinctive, evocative and professional work to ever see printed in the medium.
I loved his artwork in several projects and was amazed by his take on Conan the Cimmerian back in the mid-nineties. After that gig I couldn’t wait to see more of his work.

14 10 2009
=shane white=

I love his work it always inspires and keeps pushing me to come up with better and more interesting lighting.

He’s an artist’s artist I’m afraid.


27 10 2009
Richard Livingston


6 12 2009
Steve Worthington

John being an artists’ artist wouldn’t be so bad if more artists bought more art!

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