15 10 2009

during my work on MULAN I was introduced by RICK SLUITER, the art director and a canadian, to one of the most well known CANADIAN painters – ALFRED JOSEPH CASSON, 1898 – 1992. this painter became one of my favorite artists of recent times. because of his style, his way to combine colors and shapes. you can see below some of his art and will understand why I admire his work. CASSON was a member of the canadian group of painters – GROUP OF SEVEN, together with FRANKLIN CARMICHAEL.

4casson comp 1
6casson comp 2
2casson comp 3

© a.j.casson

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
there is so much interst in A.J.CASSON’S work that I wanted to add the details of a beautiful book about his life-work. I have to warn you though – it might be a bit expensive, and it is H U G E !

A.J.CASSON – his life and works/a tribute
by paul duvall
cerebrus/prentice-hall publ. toronto, 1980
ISBN 0-920892-02-7



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15 10 2009
Aaron Spurgeon

Amazing work, to say its fresh would be a gross understatement. thanks for posting!

15 10 2009
Michael Sporn

I wasn’t familiar with his work before this post. These paintings are unifque and extraordinary. I want to and will find out more about him. Thanks for introducing me to his art.

from hans –
I added the details of a book about his life-work at the end of the post

15 10 2009


you just made my day. These are just minblowing!

15 10 2009

These are lovely. The Group of Seven has to be one of Canada’s strongest influences in art, if not the strongest. Thank you for reminding us why that is. 🙂

16 10 2009

Beautiful! Love the graphic style!

16 10 2009
David Nethery

I love Casson’s work. Hans will know more , but if I recall there was some preliminary visual development work done for the never-completed Disney feature “My Peoples” which was somewhat based on Casson’s work.

A visit to the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg, Ontario (near Toronto) is where to see the largest collection of Casson and other Group of Seven painters.


from hans –
yes, the florida ‘MY PEOPLES’ team, RIC SLUITER and WILL FINN as far as I remember, used reference from a.j.casson.

17 10 2009
Zero Mojo

I bet he’s synesthetic. Cripes, you can taste the color and hear the line weight. Speaking of which, Hans, feel like running a post on your favorite synesthetic artists, illustrators, and animators?

17 10 2009
Federico Distefano

You can feel the “atmosphere” of the place in his paintings.
Very beautiful!

18 10 2009
Drake Brodahl

Absolutely stunning work. Thanks for sharing these, Hans!

24 10 2009
Art DepartMENTAL

I love the Group of Seven. I highly recommend going to the McMichael Gallery just outside of Toronto as well. The work is stunning. Although I love A.J Casson’s work my favourite has always been Lawren Harris.


Also Emily Carr who was never officially part of the Group of Seven but her work is remarkably striking.

I’m glad people outside of Canada know of these artists!

from hans –
thank you for the link. harris’ work is stunning as well, his paintings have a bit of a
cartoony quality. I am sure he influenced a lot of animation stylists.

4 11 2009
William Zed

Wow–deep, lovely work! Thanks for posting it

17 03 2010
Al Desjardins

The Group of Seven have always meant something to me and as I get closer to my retirement I feel like doing my painting along the same themes as A.J.Casson. He was born 50 years to the day as is my birthday. Great stuff.
I always borrow the Groups books out of the library.

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The Hidden History of Oz

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WordPress.com is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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