17 10 2009

magic m

from my second year in art school on I worked as a freelance illustrator for all different advertising agencies in duesseldorf, at that time called the advertising centre of germany. with that income I financed my studies, but – what was way more important, I learned more about drawing and painting techniques than in my school. it was 1970 and the first MAGIC MARKER felt pen showed up in a few specialized art-stores. very expensive. but in the ad-agencies they had complete sets and I used them. it was like a revolution in design. only comparable to what you can do with photoshop or painter today. can you imagine, before the feltpen era the illustrations had to be colored with watercolor or gouache. that must have taken way longer and you had a lot of limitations – special paper, special ink for the outlines and so on.
the feltpen changed all that. you were fast, could work on nearly all kinds of paper, but – the most important, the final illustration came pretty close to a ‘printed’-look. I was so happy, that someone had invented these MAGIC little sticks just when I started to join the business world. the smell was interesting as well. years later an illustrator got diagnosed with liver disease from the poisoneous benzol fumes. there is always something dangerous connected to the nice things.
for many years I did that job, – storyboards for commercials, layouts for ads in magazines, finished illustrations – realistic or cartoony, animated commercials and more. for TEAM BBDO, SCHIRNER, GREY and GGK, DDB, SAATCHI & SAATCHI and RSCG, whatever that means to you…
I still have a few of the MAGIC pens left. could not throw ’em away, too many memories.

own advert.work70s




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18 10 2009
Eduardo Damasceno

You’re really a miracle worker with those. Awesome! I’m quite in love with the felt pens now, after working many years with digital only, it’s been a very pleasant experience.

I can’t wait for your new book! and thanks for keeping this so updated, it’s quite instructive!

18 10 2009

Wow – great post! I really love marker illustration, and hope you’ll expand on some of the great works show above.

18 10 2009
Ignacio Ochoa

Amazing works Hans!!!
Never I have had one of those markers in my hands, but they should be fabulous. Here in Argentina there are many materials that themselves do not they market or that are very costly. Some months ago I discovered the KURECOLOR markers (made in Japan) and from to little I am experiencing with them. They are very costly and alone I could buy few colors, but is very pleasant the experience to work with them, and to have that to think a lot before drawing, therefore there is not “Undo” on the paper. These markers have alcoholbased ink . You know some type of paper that be recommendable to work with them? Thanks.

Sorry about my english.

from hans –
hello ignacio, I worked with alcohol based markers as well, GRAPHIC MARKERS. their colors are not as vibrant as the ‘benzol’ based ones. the paper I used and had good experience with is very thin, 60 gramm/sqmeter and woodfree. you might find it when you ask in a printing company. important is that you always have some ‘trash’-paper below, because the excess marker ink needs to go some somewhere. be careful especially with drawing pads, you destroy the paper below. on the other side you can use that effect, try to paint through thin paper on top of your your design. it will give you some interesting texture. the biggest problem with the markers is that their ink is ‘bleeding’, that’s why thin paper is good. but still you probably need to correct some of the edges with the right gouache mixed color in the end, so be careful what ink for your line work you use, it should be waterproof! it is a whole SCIENCE to work with that stuff. have fun…

19 10 2009
Ignacio Ochoa

Thank you very much Hans!!!

I did not expect a so extensive answer. Really your counsels are very useful. You are a true teacher, and transmits your know-how with enthusiasm. For now, I did only a few small drawings to experience (you can see one in my blog), in office paper of 75 gramm.
Thanks again.

1 11 2009
Ulf Sveningson

Used to work with these markers. Enjoyed the smell. Sorry they got to quickly dried out.

from hans –
still have a lot. open them once in a while – mmmmmh…

15 09 2010

Do you still use markers today? If so, what kind?

Would love to know what your favorite sketch tools are.

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