les amoureux

20 10 2009

peynet lovers

RAYMOND PEYNET was born in paris in 1908. he became quite famous around the world through his LOVERS or LES AMOUREUX, a young poet and his girlfriend. the images were reproduced on porcelain, scarves and as dolls, in books and everything else you can imagine in merchandise. GEORGES BRASSENS and CHARLES AZNAVOUR dedicated songs to the drawn characters. RAYMOND PEYNET died 90 years old in 1999. 1974 an animated feature film, produced in italy, was released – IL GIRO DEL MONDO DEGLI INNAMORATI DI PEYNET, ‘the travel around the world of the lovers created by peynet’. directed by CESARE PERFETTO, scenario by MANFREDO MANFREDI, music by ENNIO MORRICONE. the story of the film is more than uninteresting, animation very limited. but – there are a few backgrounds they are standing out, I recreated some of them…

lovers poster
-ray pey PAN 1034web
peynet web 1
-ray pey PAN 1033 web
peynet web 2
-ray pey PAN 1019
peynet web 3

© raymond peynet
© ital noleggio cinnematografico




3 responses

20 10 2009

WOW ! these are so bold. stunning backgrounds. once again thanks for sharing them Hans.

20 10 2009

absolutely stunning. i am inspired, as usual.

20 10 2009

Wow – these are incredible! Love the feeling conveyed through the architecture. Thanks for posting.

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