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29 10 2009

following some illustrations HEINZ EDELMANN did for the FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE FAZ-MAGAZIN, for TWEN and WDR, all published during the eighties.

edelmann FAZ comp 1
edelmann FAZ comp 2
edelmann faz005
edelmann faz031

© heinz edelmann
© FAZ magazin / TWEN / WDR




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29 10 2009

it’s really cool. Very nice work on “frozen”. 🙂

from hans –
beautiful design-work on your blog, floriane. great sense for color and I love the style of the inka film.

31 10 2009

Thanks again Hans, for all the Edelmann images. Please keep them coming.

3 11 2009
Joel Brinkerhoff

It’s refreshing to see the diversity of this man. I’ve always heard he was multifaceted. It’s too bad that a large majority still think Peter Max was responsible for the look of Yellow Sub.

3 11 2009
Luke Menichelli

Here are four images of book distributors from F.A.Z.

I knew Edelmann appeared regularly in this publication but the only time I found an American newsagent that carried it, the magazine section wasn’t included. These pictures were sent by an antiquariat in Europe who took pity on me and tore them out of his copy.

from hans –
hi luke, you really seem to like his work. could you do me a favour and post soem of the childrenbook pages? its hard to get it from over here. otherwise you will be very happy soon, I am planning to post a lot of his FAZ illustrations and some other stuff I found in my archives.

4 11 2009
Luke Menichelli

More Jeder Wunsch ein Treffer “Every Wish A Winner”


I helped assemble material for Dr Bob Hieronimus’ book “Inside the Yellow Submarine”, which was a very hurriedly condensed edit of long, very thorough interviews he conducted with almost everyone who worked on the film. Edelmann opened up at length, detailing the problems he had, and how he and Charlie Jenkins revised the film after it’s London premiere.

InYS cover

Could I speak to you privately?

from hans –
just send me an e-mail
and thank you for the insight and the pictures

4 11 2009
Luke Menichelli

Here’s a demonstration of why Edelmann was concerned about animation mass production methods for “Yellow Submarine”.

Model to off-model Paul head 1

5 11 2009
Neil Ross

Love Edelmann… Thanks for these, Hans…. Mostly new to me.

3 04 2010

vor vielen jahren hatte ich ein buch in einem Twen illustration verpackt. erst jetzt dachte ich dass es vielleicht eine nette idee wäre dass ganze zu scannen und auf Flickr zu posten. ja, aber dann wusste ich nicht mehr wer der zeichner war. gegoogled und noch und abermal und jetzt bin ich so ziemlich überzeugt dass es von Heinz Edelmann ist

übrigens gab’s Twen während den ganzen sechziger jahren, und nur noch kurz in den siebziger:

from hans –
no, I am sure it is not EDELMANN. there were some other illustrators with a similar style. one of them was edda koechl. it could have been
her. edelmann was way more designed, and the composition would have been much stronger.

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