paul julian 4

30 10 2009

the following recreated backgrounds, painted by PAUL JULIAN, are from the 1951 released TWEETY & SILVESTER WB short – TWEET TWEET TWEETY.

tweet tweet tweety 1951 title comp
tweet tweet tweety comp 1
tweet tweet tweety PAN 6
tweet tweet tweety PAN 1

© WB




6 responses

30 10 2009
jung etienne

An incredible talent for choosing tne “right color”,too gorgeous for a simple short cartoon.Thanks for sharing.

30 10 2009
Michael Sporn

Julian had such an inate sense of design. The solid colors offer such strength. Very daring work for a Freleng film.

30 10 2009

Incredible! I want to vacation in those frames!

31 10 2009
Zero Mojo

Paul Julian reminds of Frank Lloyd Wright in a certain way. Having seen a bunch of FLW creations, including three in Japan. For all his genius, I think FLW was a master of scale above all else. As sharp as Julian’s palette is, I think he has that same elusive feel of scale. Whether urban or rural backgrounds, his perspectives are deadly good.

1 11 2009


9 11 2009

The crowning aspect of Paul Julian’s genius was knowing what to leave out of the picture and when to stop painting.
The CG artists of today are being forced to lard on as much detail as possible, resulting in obesity of the frame.
(spits into the fire and sucks on corncob pipe)

Thanks for removing all the pesky characters from in front of these wonderful BGs, Hans!

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