30 11 2009

TROMBONE ILLUSTRE was a very unusual ‘mini’ comic-magazine attached to the famous comic strip weekly magazine SPIROU. it was published by belgian EDITIONS DUPUIS, starting in march 1977. comic legends like HAUSMAN, LOUP, FRANQUIN, GOTLIB and DELPORTE contributed drawings and short strips. the content of the weekly eight pages was a bit more adult than the usual comic strips at that time. later, that was surpassed by the french comic magazine MORMOIL. below some cover illustrations by the master, ANDRE FRANQUIN.

© andre franquin / editions dupuis

cats – research

29 11 2009

I have written before about the animated version of the ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER musical CATS, that went into preproduction 1991 in STEVEN SPIELBERG’S studio AMBLIMATION in london. I was supposed to design the look of the film, and I spent a lot of time researching some rather ‘unusual’ london environments. we were looking for the trashiest spots we could find. these research trips were lots of fun and I still have tons of ‘trash’ photographs. in the picture below you can see the research team, the directors SIMON WELLS and PHIL NIBBELINK together with the producer CINDY WOODBURNE, and with the CATS-musical stage designer JOHN NAPIER.

afterwards I usually did rough sketches and worked out stylized views with tipp-ex correction white on black cardboard. later I painted a selection of these roughs with felt-pen and gouache. below are some of them

© andrew lloyd webber / amblin / universal pictures / john napier

1937 – 1940

28 11 2009

some more recreated backgrounds from some of the disney shorts, all painted in watercolor. all of them have a slightly different style. the reason might be the different BG-artists. here we go, starting in 1937 with PLUTO’S QUINPUPLETS.

following is the 1939 DONALD DUCK short, DONALD’S LUCKY DAY.

and one more from a 1940 MICKEY MOUSE short, MR. MOUSE TAKES A TRIP.

© disney enterprises, inc

eugene galien-laloue 1

27 11 2009

EUGENE GALIEN-LALOUE was born 1854 in montmartre, paris, france. during his early employment with the ‘french railway lines’ as an illustrator he started to paint the landscape surrounding the railway track as well. eugene was apparently interested in the natural environment, kind of an early ‘plein-air’ artist, and he preferred to work in gouache since it was less time consuming as oil. he did not like to travel, and many of his views of further away motifs were based on photographs, an increasing method in those early photography-days. galien laloue focussed in his work, spanning four decades, to portray the late nineteenth/early twentieth century PARIS. not so much the people , but more so the architecture and impressionist streetlife. he died in 1941 at the beginning of the second world war. similar to EUGENE ADGET with his photographic portraits of paris he was a documentary artist-painter of the BELLE EPOQUE, showing us one of the world’s most beautiful cities with it’s sidewalks and crowded streets, boulevards and ‘quartiers’.

© eugene galien-laloue

next week…

21 11 2009

…I will have a lot more about this painter. for a few days I will be in hong kong, so – till soon.

© galien-laloue


20 11 2009


19 11 2009

the following illustrations are from the french edition of a spanish original publication, DON QUICHOTTE DE LA MANCHE, illustrated by RIERA ROJAS. there is not that much information about the illustrator, except that he illustrated THE BLACK PEARL and THE MAGIC FLUTE as well. beautiful paintings as you can see.

© riera rojas / credito editorial sanchez S.A./ editions des deux coqs d’or paris 1968