30 11 2009

TROMBONE ILLUSTRE was a very unusual ‘mini’ comic-magazine attached to the famous comic strip weekly magazine SPIROU. it was published by belgian EDITIONS DUPUIS, starting in march 1977. comic legends like HAUSMAN, LOUP, FRANQUIN, GOTLIB and DELPORTE contributed drawings and short strips. the content of the weekly eight pages was a bit more adult than the usual comic strips at that time. later, that was surpassed by the french comic magazine MORMOIL. below some cover illustrations by the master, ANDRE FRANQUIN.

© andre franquin / editions dupuis


cats – research

29 11 2009

I have written before about the animated version of the ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER musical CATS, that went into preproduction 1991 in STEVEN SPIELBERG’S studio AMBLIMATION in london. I was supposed to design the look of the film, and I spent a lot of time researching some rather ‘unusual’ london environments. we were looking for the trashiest spots we could find. these research trips were lots of fun and I still have tons of ‘trash’ photographs. in the picture below you can see the research team, the directors SIMON WELLS and PHIL NIBBELINK together with the producer CINDY WOODBURNE, and with the CATS-musical stage designer JOHN NAPIER.

afterwards I usually did rough sketches and worked out stylized views with tipp-ex correction white on black cardboard. later I painted a selection of these roughs with felt-pen and gouache. below are some of them

© andrew lloyd webber / amblin / universal pictures / john napier

1937 – 1940

28 11 2009

some more recreated backgrounds from some of the disney shorts, all painted in watercolor. all of them have a slightly different style. the reason might be the different BG-artists. here we go, starting in 1937 with PLUTO’S QUINPUPLETS.

following is the 1939 DONALD DUCK short, DONALD’S LUCKY DAY.

and one more from a 1940 MICKEY MOUSE short, MR. MOUSE TAKES A TRIP.

© disney enterprises, inc

eugene galien-laloue 1

27 11 2009

EUGENE GALIEN-LALOUE was born 1854 in montmartre, paris, france. during his early employment with the ‘french railway lines’ as an illustrator he started to paint the landscape surrounding the railway track as well. eugene was apparently interested in the natural environment, kind of an early ‘plein-air’ artist, and he preferred to work in gouache since it was less time consuming as oil. he did not like to travel, and many of his views of further away motifs were based on photographs, an increasing method in those early photography-days. galien laloue focussed in his work, spanning four decades, to portray the late nineteenth/early twentieth century PARIS. not so much the people , but more so the architecture and impressionist streetlife. he died in 1941 at the beginning of the second world war. similar to EUGENE ADGET with his photographic portraits of paris he was a documentary artist-painter of the BELLE EPOQUE, showing us one of the world’s most beautiful cities with it’s sidewalks and crowded streets, boulevards and ‘quartiers’.

© eugene galien-laloue

next week…

21 11 2009

…I will have a lot more about this painter. for a few days I will be in hong kong, so – till soon.

© galien-laloue


20 11 2009


19 11 2009

the following illustrations are from the french edition of a spanish original publication, DON QUICHOTTE DE LA MANCHE, illustrated by RIERA ROJAS. there is not that much information about the illustrator, except that he illustrated THE BLACK PEARL and THE MAGIC FLUTE as well. beautiful paintings as you can see.

© riera rojas / credito editorial sanchez S.A./ editions des deux coqs d’or paris 1968

la piccola russia

18 11 2009

LA PICCOLA RUSSIA is an animated short by italian master-painter/animator/filmaker GIANLUIGI TOCCAFONDO. you should see this film, in case you can get a hold of it somewhere, it took me a while. the 17 min film is like ‘modern art comes alive’. that’s why I had to look at it single-frame wise, because I did not want to miss one of all the incredible paintings that create the animation. it is a MASTERPIECE. you can feel the influence of the whole modern artworld of the past 60 years, and it looks like toccafondo wants to pay homage to PICASSO, HOCKNEY, RAUSCHENBERG, WARHOL, OLDENBURG and others, as well as to animation legends like JOHN HUBLEY ( tender game ), CAROLINE LEAF ( the street ), NEDELJKO DRAGIC ( diary ) and ZDENKO GASPAROVICH ( satiemania ). toccafondo uses a very interesting combination of different techniques like photography ( the single frame blow-ups of live action ), collage, painting and xerography.

TOCCAFONDO was born 1965 in san marino and got his education at the ISA of urbino, italy, the first school in italy with the freedom to study traditional animation techniques. toccafondo used his talent of graphics, animation and filmmaking first in milan in advertising. in 1989 he had his debut in the animation world with his short LA CODA. following were LA PISTA, LE CRIMINEL, PINOCCHIO and in 2003 – LA PICCOLA RUSSIA. the story is about a young boy growing up to become a murderer. ‘little russia’, the title of the film, was apparently the nickname of a part in northern italy, where the communist party had a strong support. he worked on the film for three years and started to create his own sound. the film received numerous awards worldwide.

© toccafondo

paul julian 5

17 11 2009

a few background recreations from the january 1949 warner brothers released short HARE DO. PAUL JULIAN’S backgrounds in this film don’t have the same quality level as the ones in later productions, as you can see. but his color-palette is already clearly recognizable.

© WB


16 11 2009

following a quote from FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT. as far as I remember he said that during a visit to the disney studio in 1939. he said it at that time aimed at the US. I think today there are several countries it would fit to.

frank lloyd wright 1939

PERRY No.366

15 11 2009

it is sunday and this is post 366! I thought the following story should fit.


this is about nibs. probably most of you are younger readers, and I am not sure if you know what I am talking about. nibs are made out of steel, very sharp and pretty small. you dip the sharp end in ink and in case you have a good day, you can do some damn good sketches with them. some of my favourite artists like ronald searle, ralph steadman, sullivant, heinrich kley and a lot more used them. they call the result – a PEN AND INK DRAWING.

nibs 1.06.0

since I started my studies I got kind of hooked on these little things. with the right chinese ink you could create some really interesting drawings, with splatters all over the sheet – what gave it a real expensive ‘art’ look. the good steel nibs were hard to
find. the cheaper brass or tin ones broke very fast, and the drawings did not look good either. at least that’s what I was convinced of.

madeira aa4.0

in 1985 my late wife and I spent our first christmas vacation in a non-snowy area, in MADEIRA, a beautiful portugiese island in the southern atlantic ocean. we had enough of the cold german winter, and madeira was like early summer. anyway, it was a shocking experience as well, to be confronted with so much poverty, hopefully that has changed in the last 24 years.
in funchal, the capital of the island, there was the only major store, like we had seen them in germany in the early fifties. the store was not too big but it sold everything. and in one corner I saw a glass case with some boxes of nibs, they looked like a 100 years old, together with some english ‘parker’ ink. I was hypnotized. finally I asked one of the sales ladies how much the nibs were. she misunderstood and told me after a long search the price for a single nib. I forgot, but it was about 2 or 3 cents. my god, I could not believe my luck. I said to her, I buy all 4 boxes. maybe about 800 nibs. she just stared at me. like we might stare at an alien. after a while she said she could not sell them all. why? well, someone else might need some. I was really surprised. I had not heard something so human in a while. I tried to convince her – but they are in that glass-case for a 100 years and probably you did not sell too many of them, at least you don’t have to worry about future sales. she had to ask her boss. to make it short, I bought them all. took me 2 hours. but it was worth it. and I bought some of the very old ink bottles as well. there were 2 or 3 where the ink was a solid block in the beautiful glass. they did not want to sell those – why? told them, I love the bottles. – but the ink is dry! I don’t care, just want the bottles -it went on and on. had to come back. and I got the bottles as well. still have all that stuff. today – after 24 years. and use it. gave a lot of the nibs away to friends. but I keep most of them as a treasure.

nib shop int.1987.0

now the 2.part of the story continues in london in 1987, when I worked there on ROGER RABBIT. by pure accident I found this tiny shop near covent garden in a side street. it had tons of nibs in its window display, as you can see in the picture. very nicely decorated. nibs hundreds of years old, made from porcellane, nibs in all sizes and materials. the shop owner looked more like a doctor in his white coat, he must have been over 70 years old.

nib shop wind.87.0

and he loved what he had in his shop. boxes and drawers full with nibs and inkbottles. I just stared speechless. after a while we started to talk, and he showed me some very special nibs. most of his clients were some of the most famous drawing artists from all over the world, like ronald searle, ralph steadman and gerald scarfe. of course he showed me ronald searle’s favourite nibs. and I bought 10 of them, hoping that my drawings might improve now. and he explained some of the most precious porcellane pieces and how they were used. it was like being in ali baba’s treasure cave, with the genie showing me around. the nibs I bought were way more expensive than the madeira ones. but they had a magic spell, at least I hoped they had. a few years later I tried to find this magic toy shop again. but it was gone. I wonder what happened to the
genie and his treasures.


P.S. thanks to COLIN STIMPSON and SEAN PHILLIPS there is some more information about the london nib-shop. PHILLIP POOLE was the owner of HIS NIBS in drury lane. phillip died in 1999 at the age of 90. in the late 80s, rising costs had forced phillip to abandon his premises in drury lane, but he ended up renting space at L CORNELISSEN, the art shop, at its new site in Great Russell Street, where he worked for six years.
here is the CORNELISSEN website, where you can order all kinds of art materials.

snow queen 2

14 11 2009

part 2 of the captured images from the animated soyuzmultfilm production THE SNOW QUEEN
-russ snow queen072
-russ snow qu.comp 10
-snowqu.comp 5
-snowqu.comp 6
-russ snow qu.comp 8

© soyuzmultfilm


13 11 2009

anim.lect.09 slide

I am right now preparing a new bigger lecture – about STYLE, STYLE IN ANIMATION in particular. it covers stylistic developments in other areas like fashion and architecture, and it covers a few centuries as well. in animation I explain the very early beginnings without any style and the fast development during the thirties. interesting will be to see the major differencies between the american and european films lookwise. there will be a lot of images, from wherever I could find the best and typical ones, and some of my own designs as well. following are some of those, showing very different looks developed during the last years.

style web 1
style web 2
style web 4
style web 5

© bilderfabrik


12 11 2009

the following captured images are from a masterpiece of filmmaking, SERGEI EISENSTEINS’S IVAN THE TERRIBLE. with a very powerful musical soundtrack composed by SERGEI PROKOFIEV, the first part was released in the soviet union in 1944, the second part in 1958. the historical epic black/white film about zsar IVAN IV of russia was planned as a trilogy, but EISENSTEIN died in 1948 before the film could be finished. tragic is additional that due to political censorship part 2 was not released until 1958. and all footage of the 3. part was confiscated after EISENSTEIN’S death and most of it destroyed. the visuals are stunning, incredible compositions and very effective use of light and shadow as you can see in the scenes below.

ivan comp blog

edelmann & FAZ

11 11 2009

more illustrations HEINZ EDELMANN did during the eighties for the FAZ – FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE MAGAZIN.

edelmann 1009
edelmann 1012
edelmann 1013
edelmann 1014
edelmann 1110
edelmann 1111

© edelmann / FAZ

moments 8

10 11 2009

moments 8

a few interesting compositions collected from live action feature films.

snow queen 1

9 11 2009

another beautiful russian soyuzmultfilm production is the 1957 released THE SNOW QUEEN, directed by LEV ATAMANOV. the traditionally animated feature film follows the hans christan andersen pretty close, what slows it down very often. but overall it has a real fairy tale athmosphere and the animation is beautiful. following are some recreated longer pans and captured scenes. there will be more…

russ snowqu.022
russ snowqu.017
snowqu.comp 1
snowqu.comp 2
snowqu.comp 3
snowqu.comp 4

© soyuzmultfilm

studie nr 2

7 11 2009

test AA10a1web

ken adam

6 11 2009

SIR KEN ADAM was born 1921 in berlin, germany. being jewish/german he relocated in 1933 to england with his family. after the second worldwar he started to work in the film industry, educated as an architect. in the mid-fifties he worked in hollywood on AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS and BEN HUR. it was there where he met his mentor WILLIAM CAMERON MENZIES. the 1957 released and directed by JACQUES TOURNEURNIGHT OF THE DEMON ( one of my favorite films ) was his first major hollywood credit. it was in 1962 when his long lasting work on the JAMES BOND films started, with DR. NO. he designed all BOND films until MOONRAKER in 1979. inbetween in 1963 he was the production designer for STANLEY KUBRICK’SDR. STRANGELOVE: OR HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB. as well he was responsible for the look of another favorite of mine, the 1965 THE IPCRESS FILE. later GOODBYE MR. CHIPS, and – again with KUBRICK – BARRY LYNDON, for which he won his first OSCAR. these are only a few of the highlights I mentioned. ken adam is an amazing drawing artist with an unlimited imagination as you can see in the following sketches.

ken adam046
ken adam047
ken adam048
ken adam comp

© ken adam


5 11 2009

more recreated backgrounds from disney’s 101 DALMATIANS

101Dal111 PAN
101 dal.003PAN

© disney enterprises, inc

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The Hidden History of Oz

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