4 11 2009

the studio SOYUSMULTFILM was founded in 1936 and became soon the soviet union’s premier animation studio. in it’s best years over 700 people were employed and in 1973 the studio released 47 films. some of their most famous directors were IVAN IVANOV-VANO, FYODOR KHITRUK and YURIY NORSHTEYN. some of their most well known productions are – 1954 THE GOLDEN ANTELOPE, 1957 THE SNOW QUEEN and 1887 THE TALE OF TSAR SALTAN.
THE NUTCRACKER, a 27 min short, was released in 1973. featuring a part of the music of PYOTR ILYICH TCHAIKOVSKY’S ballet and based on motives of the E.T.A. HOFFMANN fairy tale the SOYUZMULTFILM production was directed by BORIS STEPANTSEV and BORIS LARIN. art directors NICOLAI YERYKALOV and ANATOLY SAVCHENKO. following are some captured scenes from the beautiful film.


© soyusmultfilm



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4 11 2009

What a surprise Hans!:o)
I am glad you choose one of my favorite film.
It’s pity but Souzmultilm is almost dead.

from hans –
yes it is a shame. but it’s like that everywhere, in case you did not follow the others
and started to produce CG animation, where would you sell your ‘old-fashioned’ product.
the problem is that the ‘managers’, who never knew anything about art anyway, came up
with this crap that created the problem. now they think, the computer does the work anyway,
why do we need art-educated expensive workers. the market is dictated by dumping prices
from china anyway. it’s a joke, what tv stations are willing to pay for series today, it’s 10%
of the numbers from 20 years ago. what do you expect then, quality? I am so glad,
I am not in this tasteless jungle out there anymore. I hope, more people, especially big parts of
the audience, understand more what this is all about. artists alone will not be able to change
this insane situation.

5 11 2009

It’s true!I totally agree.Situation is getting worth.But I am sure some beautiful and interesting films will be appear .

10 11 2009

Самая лучшая на мой взгляд мультипликационная картина о Щелкунчике!
Ни в какое сравнение с тем что выпустила студия АРГУС относительно недавно

from hans –
from what the translation software tells me, you like the ‘nutcracker’ a lot, what you can’t say about a recent release of soyusmultfilm? hope I understood it right.

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