5 11 2009

more recreated backgrounds from disney’s 101 DALMATIANS

101Dal111 PAN
101 dal.003PAN

© disney enterprises, inc




5 responses

5 11 2009
jung etienne

really amazing!the winter mood is so beautifully expressed.
I wish you’ll collect all these BG and publish a new book.

from hans –
the funny thing is, I would not really have to do this. most of the original BG’s are as far
as I remember still in the disney archives ARL. so, if someone wanted to do a book just
with those incredible BG’s – it’s mostly all there. and you can imagine how much clearer
the originals are compared to the low resolution DVD captures.

6 11 2009
jung etienne

sure! yet,the recreated BGs from BAMBI used in “Dream Worlds” had a good quality.

6 11 2009
Floyd Norman

Sadly, Disney has little interest in publishing all the wonderful artwork they have locked away. Thankfully, John Lasseter has caused a few changes in this regard since his arrival at Disney.

7 11 2009

My favourite movie! Thanks for posting Hans.

16 11 2009

Fantastically beautifully! Very much I love this film! Thanks!!!

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