13 11 2009

anim.lect.09 slide

I am right now preparing a new bigger lecture – about STYLE, STYLE IN ANIMATION in particular. it covers stylistic developments in other areas like fashion and architecture, and it covers a few centuries as well. in animation I explain the very early beginnings without any style and the fast development during the thirties. interesting will be to see the major differencies between the american and european films lookwise. there will be a lot of images, from wherever I could find the best and typical ones, and some of my own designs as well. following are some of those, showing very different looks developed during the last years.

style web 1
style web 2
style web 4
style web 5

© bilderfabrik




8 responses

13 11 2009
abhishek singh

Priceless insights,
thanks for all your lovely posts

13 11 2009

That sounds promising, Im looking forward to get my eyes on it.

14 11 2009

I really love your work. where are you going to lecture? can regular joes can attend?

from hans –
so far I give the lecture here in manila, philippines, at a university. then it depends where I will be invited, but I guess it will be mainly in far east.

14 11 2009
JingJing Liu

I really enjoy reading your book and site. I’d love the chance to attending your lecture as well? Could you please let me know when and where this lecture will be held? Thank you for sharing your Knowledge with us.

14 11 2009
zero mojo

Hans, any chance you cold annotate those screen captures so we know who did what animation?

from hans –
those are originals, and they are all done by me. most of them were just stylistic designs and were never realized as films, as usual…

14 11 2009
Mark McDonnell

You are truly incredible . . . I hope all goes well as I’m quite sure it will.

Best to you,


15 11 2009
juan manuel

It souns great! best wishes

15 11 2009
Brad Clark

Would be great if it could be recorded (even just audio) and posted some where.
Love this site and the Lecture looks to be amazing…Have not been in manila since the late 90s, wish I would blink myself there for this.

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