16 11 2009

following a quote from FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT. as far as I remember he said that during a visit to the disney studio in 1939. he said it at that time aimed at the US. I think today there are several countries it would fit to.

frank lloyd wright 1939




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16 11 2009
Christoph Heuer

wow… nothin’ more to add.

17 11 2009
zero mojo

Hans, THANK YOU! Usually I’d be thanking you as a architecture buff; when I lived in Japan, I’ve gone out of my way to see all the FLW buildings there, from the Imperial in Nagoya, to the Yamamura house in Kobe, to the girl’s school in Tokyo. THIS time, I’m thanking you as an educator. FLW has put a fine point on the exact dilemma that public schools are facing. I won’t go into here, since it’s an animation site, but FLW is right on target!

17 11 2009

Great words to live by! I can think on this one for hours!

19 11 2009

This is going on my desk!

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