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27 11 2009

EUGENE GALIEN-LALOUE was born 1854 in montmartre, paris, france. during his early employment with the ‘french railway lines’ as an illustrator he started to paint the landscape surrounding the railway track as well. eugene was apparently interested in the natural environment, kind of an early ‘plein-air’ artist, and he preferred to work in gouache since it was less time consuming as oil. he did not like to travel, and many of his views of further away motifs were based on photographs, an increasing method in those early photography-days. galien laloue focussed in his work, spanning four decades, to portray the late nineteenth/early twentieth century PARIS. not so much the people , but more so the architecture and impressionist streetlife. he died in 1941 at the beginning of the second world war. similar to EUGENE ADGET with his photographic portraits of paris he was a documentary artist-painter of the BELLE EPOQUE, showing us one of the world’s most beautiful cities with it’s sidewalks and crowded streets, boulevards and ‘quartiers’.

© eugene galien-laloue




7 responses

27 11 2009
Ignacio Carlos Ochoa

Really amazing!!

Beautiful colors.

Thanks for sharing.

27 11 2009

Everytime I come here, i find treasures. Thank you Hans.

27 11 2009

wow, looking at each of these paintings makes me feel like i’m inside that moment. he sure is often outside those streets for him to make the viewer feel the whole city with just one picture. XD

28 11 2009

Amazing. Thank you for once again bringing to my attention an outstanding artist who might otherwise have been overlooked. This site is a source of endless inspiration. Thank you for your hard work!

28 11 2009

Like everyone else has said, thank you for sharing! I wasn’t too familiar with the artist…but beautiful paintings indeed. Glad I’m aware now. 🙂

28 11 2009

i’m really loving these last few posts, it’s so important to discover artists and their lives , truly inspirational and can’t thank you enough for digging these out and sharing it with all of us!
much to learn….

30 11 2009

Another topographic painter, Edouard Cortès, carried on Laloue’s tradition of these rain / snow covered Parisian street scenes.
If you put your hand over their signatures, it’s hard to tell the two apart!

from hans –
hi michael, thank you for the great idea. cortes is actually easy to spot, but there is a third painter who looks nearly identical with
galien laloue. will be another post soon.

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