zagreb style 4

29 12 2009

THE BLACKSMITH’S APPRENTICE is a short from the ZAGREB-film studio produced in 1961, a year where the studio released as well the masterpieces DON QUIXOTE and ERSATZ. ZLATKO BOUREK did the script, the design, directed and painted the backgrounds. only the animation was done by JOSIP PECINKA. I love the BG-style, judge yourself in the recreated pans and scenes below. but I am sorry to say – that’s the only thing I like, the story is more than lame and the character-design is horrible. I add one captured image with some of the ‘creatures’. it is supposed to be inspired by HIERONYMOUS BOSCH. well, I don’t think so.

© zagreb film


eugene galien-laloue 3

28 12 2009

some more ‘belle epoque’ paintings from EUGENE GALIEN-LALOUE. the first one is from EDOUARD-LEON CORTES, to show you that the parisian painters apparently had their same favorite motifs. and, as you can see, even GALIEN-LALOUE himself painted a lot of the same motifs all over again through the different times of the year. another reason for that was that photography had become popular and GALIEN-LALOUE probably preferred to work in his studio from reference photos.

© eugene galien-laloue / edouard-leon cortes


27 12 2009

this is post Nr.400. I am surprised myself. 400 chapters of a pretty thick book with probably close to 2.000 images, from animation, live action, illustration, classic fine arts and a little bit of personal history in photos. 587.000 views! and a few comments.
well, it is the end of the year, the teenager years of the new millennium are starting soon, hopefully that doesn’t mean the bad behavior gets even worse. thank you for visiting my crazy collection and thank you for your encouragement.
the following is a poster I did in 2001 for a now shelved DISNEY animated feature film.

© disney enterprises, inc

german illustration 2

26 12 2009

the following are some illustrations from children books I enjoyed when I was a lot younger. I found out more about the illustrator, it is FRITZ BAUMGARTEN, 1883 – 1966. he studied art at the royal academy in dresden and munic. first he made a living designing picture postcards, but soon he became well known as an illustrator of children books. his imagination and the love for detail is impressive, no wonder his over 500 illustrated books were very popular and some still are in new editions.

© schwager & steinlein publisher / fritz baumgarten

the ‘patterson girl’

25 12 2009

RUSSELL PATTERSON, 1893 – 1977, became a famous illustrator in the early thirties in NEW YORK, after a less successful start as a cartoonist. these were the good old days when leading graphic artists were as famous as movie stars. patterson illustrated covers and interiors for magazines like LIFE, and later SATURDAY EVENING POST, VOGUE, VANITY FAIR and COSMOPOLITAIN. some years before the GIBSON GIRL had been celebrated, now it was the PATTERSON GIRL. patterson worked as well on BROADWAY as a costume- and scenic-designer. JOE GRANT gave me copies of a lot of patterson’s work, following is some of it.

© russell patterson

…as every year

23 12 2009

historic 1958

22 12 2009

a while ago I found this picture in an older publication. it was taken 1958 during the film-festival in CANNES. an amazing document, most of the european ‘all time’ animation legends are there. I identified some of them but a lot are still missing. maybe someone can help me to identify who is left…


german illustration 1

21 12 2009

the following illustrations were done by DIETER LANGE, a german illustrator who contributed countless illustrations to the magazine STERN and the attached children magazine STERNCHEN from the mid fifties on. for nearly every series he illustrated he came up with a different style and a new technique. unfortunately I don’t know more about him, I wish I would. maybe one of the readers has some more information.

© dieter lange / gruner & jahr

paul julian 7

19 12 2009

the recreated backgrounds below, from the 1951 WB short PUTTY TAT TROUBLE, directed by FRIZ FRELENG, were painted by PAUL JULIAN.

© WB


18 12 2009

already 25 years ago! incredible. beginning of 1984, the GEORGE ORWELL year, I had been one of the designers of the new logo for the first german tv-station, ARD 1. the general opening logos and titles for all different program sections were done in CG, at that time a very time consuming and extremely expensive adventure. I was several times in COLUMBUS, ohio, where the CRANSTON-SCURI computer animation production was located, on the campus of the ohio state university. the founder and head of the school and COMPUTER GRAPHICS RESEARCH GROUP was prof. CHARLES SCURI, considered the pioneer of computer art. I was supposed to supervise the production of the first animated logos for the german tv-station, since I had done all the storyboards. following are two of many boards from that year, and 2 pictures from cranston-csuri.


happy end

17 12 2009

this is some more about the ZAGREB-FILM production – HAPPY END. in my post yesterday I mentioned the pictures of the film I found in two books. they made me curious and were the reason I wanted to see the whole film. here now are these black/white stills together with the creators of HAPPY END and a lot of other zagreb-film productions.





© zagreb film

zagreb style 3

16 12 2009

in the mid-eighties I contacted STUDIO ZAGREB and after some negotiations I was able to order VHS-copies of my favorite zagreb-film shorts from the fifties and sixties. in total – 28 films! the studio made video copies just for me, that’s why it had it’s price. unfortunately about half of the shorts were in a very bad condition, the prints they used had changed colors, and the transfer was not color- and light-corrected. but I was very happy to have the films I always wanted to see, since I only knew them from descriptions and pictures in a book about zagreb animation.
I am not sure what is left from these films after the war in yugoslavia in the nineties, hopefully they were able to save the master negatives. well, VHS is not the best archive material. that’s why I transferred the original VHS tapes in the end-nineties digitally, and I burned them additional onto DVD’s.
after I had started with my archeology-hobby and the recreation of animation-backgrounds, I checked the zagreb-archives as well. the shorts, where I really wanted to see the BG’s, were mostly in a very bad color- and image condition. but recently I began to restore some of them. it is a pretty time-consuming and difficult job, since I have no idea how the original colors looked like. a while ago I started already to post some captured scenes of my favorite zagreb-shorts. but today is the PREMIERE of the first recreated pans of a short that probably not too many have seen.
HAPPY END was created in 1959, written and directed by VATROSLAV MIMICA, designed by ALEKSANDAR MARKS, animation VLADIMIR JUTRISA, backgrounds ZLATKO BOUREK. after I had seen only one black/white image from the film in the early sixties I wanted to see this short. it took a while! the concept is a bit weird, the film starts at the end and moves forward to the beginning. but – the style is amazing, the surrealistic scenes are very long and it looks like DALI had been hired as consultant. unfortunately most of the short is too light, no color at all, even the best software can’t help. but I was able to at least recreate a few longer pans and want to show them to you.

© zagreb film

analysis 2

15 12 2009

some more about composition. I analyzed an establishing shot from disney’s MICKEY AND THE BEANSTALK, the scene where the three adventurerers see the castle in the clouds for the first time. it is a beautiful shot, perfectly balanced.

the composition grid with golden section markers

the values – lights and darks

the primary colors

and the final shot

and two more examples for basic composition from disney’s BAMBI.

© disney enterprises, inc

eugene galien-laloue 2

14 12 2009

© eugene galien-laloue

zagreb style 2

13 12 2009

THE INSPECTOR RETURNS HOME, studio zagreb 1959. written and directed by VATROSLAV MIMICA (born 1923), designed by ALEKSANDAR MARKS (1922 – 2002), animation by VLADIMIR JUTRISA (1923 – 1984), backgrounds by ZLATKO BOUREK (born 1929). the short does not really have a recognizable story. but it is not important for me, lookwise it is a masterpiece – the style is so different from everything that had been done before. imagine these BG’s at the end of the fifties. collages that remind you more of some abstract picasso artwork, and the characterdesign that is not following any design-rules. no wonder the film started a new expressionistic look in zagreb films. its makers were the leading talent of the studio for the next decade. here are a few captured scenes.

© zagreb film

herbert leupin

12 12 2009

HERBERT LEUPIN, 1916 – 1999, is one of the most successful poster artists of all time. he won over 90 awards, created about 500 posters! born in basel, suisse, he studied in paris where he was strongly influenced by his teacher PAUL COLLIN, a famous poster designer, graphic artist and stage designer, as well as collin’s strongest rival ADOLPHE JEAN-MARIE MOURON, better known as CASSANDRE. before WWII started LEUPIN returned to basel to become an independent graphic designer, and where he led the so-called BASEL SCHOOL together with STOECKLIN, BRUN and BIRKHAUSER to dominate swiss advertising for the next two decades. most of his posters advertise for simple products like mineral water, soap, cigarettes and shoes. but he designed as well for coca cola and the circus knie. I love his work, the simplicity in his design. at a very early age I started to collect some of his advertisings. below are a few of his works.

© herbert leupin

david hand

11 12 2009

the recreated backgrounds are from disney’s 19346 SILLY SYMPHONY – THREE BLIND MOUSEKETEERS. DAVID HAND, 1900 – 1986, who directed this short, had started at disney in 1930 and soon became a director, responsible for some of the best shorts of the studio – LITTLE HIAWATHA, THREE LITTLE WOLVES, THREE ORPHAN KITTENS, WHO KILLED COCK ROBIN are only a few of them. he was the first director in charge of a feature film – SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS 1937, – and a few years later – BAMBI 1942. in 1944 he followed an invitation of J. ARTHUR RANK to set up an animation studio in great britain, where he created the series ANIMALAND and MUSICAL PAINTBOX, and became the biggest influence in british animation.

© disney enterprises, inc


10 12 2009

some of my favorite scenes from the disney short MICKEY AND THE BEANSTALK, part of the 1947 compilation FUN AND FANCY FREE. the film has some of the most stunning camera-angles and beautifully painted backgrounds, a real masterpiece.

© disney enterprises, inc


9 12 2009

DAS STERNCHEN ( little star ) was an added eight pages children magazine inside the bigger-format german weekly magazine STERN, founded 1948 by HENRY NANNEN. the children magazine started in 1953 and lasted until 1961 when it was changed into a doublepage within the bigger STERN. from the very beginning well known german writers and illustrators contributed their art, amongst others ROLAND KOHLSAAT and his series JIMMY DAS GUMMIPFERD ( 1953 – 1977 ) as well as LORIOT with REINHOLD DAS NASHORN ( 1953 – 1970 ). early on my father collected the magazine for me and my brother and bound them at the end of the year into a thick ‘collector’s book’. they were treasures for us and probably they started an interest in illustration and comic strip very early. following I put together a small collection of my favorite covers mostly from the fifties.
this post will be the start of a series about GERMAN ILLUSTRATION. during the last weeks I went through my archives and there are thousands of illustrations from the fifties on. I am sure I am not the only one who is interested in them. so far I haven’t seen any of these treasures anywhere in bookform, what is a shame.

© stern / gruner&jahr


8 12 2009

1937 was a good year in terms of disney short releases. there were some of the best – DON DONALD, LITTLE HIAWATHA, MODERN INVENTIONS, HAWAIIAN HOLIDAYS, THE OLD MILL, LONESOME GHOSTS and – CLOCK CLEANERS. the following pretty long recreated pan is from that mickey mouse short.

© disney enterprises, inc

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The Hidden History of Oz

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