zagreb style 4

29 12 2009

THE BLACKSMITH’S APPRENTICE is a short from the ZAGREB-film studio produced in 1961, a year where the studio released as well the masterpieces DON QUIXOTE and ERSATZ. ZLATKO BOUREK did the script, the design, directed and painted the backgrounds. only the animation was done by JOSIP PECINKA. I love the BG-style, judge yourself in the recreated pans and scenes below. but I am sorry to say – that’s the only thing I like, the story is more than lame and the character-design is horrible. I add one captured image with some of the ‘creatures’. it is supposed to be inspired by HIERONYMOUS BOSCH. well, I don’t think so.

© zagreb film

eugene galien-laloue 3

28 12 2009

some more ‘belle epoque’ paintings from EUGENE GALIEN-LALOUE. the first one is from EDOUARD-LEON CORTES, to show you that the parisian painters apparently had their same favorite motifs. and, as you can see, even GALIEN-LALOUE himself painted a lot of the same motifs all over again through the different times of the year. another reason for that was that photography had become popular and GALIEN-LALOUE probably preferred to work in his studio from reference photos.

© eugene galien-laloue / edouard-leon cortes


27 12 2009

this is post Nr.400. I am surprised myself. 400 chapters of a pretty thick book with probably close to 2.000 images, from animation, live action, illustration, classic fine arts and a little bit of personal history in photos. 587.000 views! and a few comments.
well, it is the end of the year, the teenager years of the new millennium are starting soon, hopefully that doesn’t mean the bad behavior gets even worse. thank you for visiting my crazy collection and thank you for your encouragement.
the following is a poster I did in 2001 for a now shelved DISNEY animated feature film.

© disney enterprises, inc

german illustration 2

26 12 2009

the following are some illustrations from children books I enjoyed when I was a lot younger. I found out more about the illustrator, it is FRITZ BAUMGARTEN, 1883 – 1966. he studied art at the royal academy in dresden and munic. first he made a living designing picture postcards, but soon he became well known as an illustrator of children books. his imagination and the love for detail is impressive, no wonder his over 500 illustrated books were very popular and some still are in new editions.

© schwager & steinlein publisher / fritz baumgarten

the ‘patterson girl’

25 12 2009

RUSSELL PATTERSON, 1893 – 1977, became a famous illustrator in the early thirties in NEW YORK, after a less successful start as a cartoonist. these were the good old days when leading graphic artists were as famous as movie stars. patterson illustrated covers and interiors for magazines like LIFE, and later SATURDAY EVENING POST, VOGUE, VANITY FAIR and COSMOPOLITAIN. some years before the GIBSON GIRL had been celebrated, now it was the PATTERSON GIRL. patterson worked as well on BROADWAY as a costume- and scenic-designer. JOE GRANT gave me copies of a lot of patterson’s work, following is some of it.

© russell patterson

…as every year

23 12 2009

historic 1958

22 12 2009

a while ago I found this picture in an older publication. it was taken 1958 during the film-festival in CANNES. an amazing document, most of the european ‘all time’ animation legends are there. I identified some of them but a lot are still missing. maybe someone can help me to identify who is left…


The Hidden History of Oz

Long before Dorothy came to Oz, Glinda and the Wizard changed everything.

Ellen Li

Illustration & Design is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

The Hidden History of Oz

Long before Dorothy came to Oz, Glinda and the Wizard changed everything.

Ellen Li

Illustration & Design is the best place for your personal blog or business site.