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1 12 2009




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1 12 2009
Elsa George

Dear Hans,
You blog site is just so informative!!And it never ceases to astound me!And your book is fabulous!I will get it signed one day!Do you plan on publishing any more?I hope you do!

from hans –
thank you elsa, yes – I am writing on a new one COLOR & COMPOSITION. it will take a while because it is so complex and I hope I will ever finish it. but in a way the blog is a big project as well, with nearly 400 chapters so far!

2 12 2009
Elsa George

You are!!!!Thats FANTASTIC!!!ooo I cant wait!!This blog is like an oasis during these dry times!Point in case-its really a good will contribution!!I cant wait for the next book!Color and Composition would probably be like an Odyssey,I can imagine! But its going to be well worth the journey.Thanks again!

6 12 2009
Elva Wang

It is a amazing blog. I am a animation student. One day, I tried to find some animation layout references, and luckly i found you blog. It’s everything, evething i need to know in this area.( T T, my English is really bad.. so i wish you can understand.)

I want to become a layout artist in the future, your blog help me a lot. Thank you very much.

Canada is really cold too..winter..

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