david hand

11 12 2009

the recreated backgrounds are from disney’s 19346 SILLY SYMPHONY – THREE BLIND MOUSEKETEERS. DAVID HAND, 1900 – 1986, who directed this short, had started at disney in 1930 and soon became a director, responsible for some of the best shorts of the studio – LITTLE HIAWATHA, THREE LITTLE WOLVES, THREE ORPHAN KITTENS, WHO KILLED COCK ROBIN are only a few of them. he was the first director in charge of a feature film – SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS 1937, – and a few years later – BAMBI 1942. in 1944 he followed an invitation of J. ARTHUR RANK to set up an animation studio in great britain, where he created the series ANIMALAND and MUSICAL PAINTBOX, and became the biggest influence in british animation.

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12 12 2009
Oscar Grillo

I have some Animaland shorts in Super 8. They are great. I met some of the animators who worked with him in England and have xerox copies of Hand’s lectures and animation lessons.

from hans –
I have ’em too. the problem is the projector. are the lectures any interesting?

14 12 2009
David Hale Hand

Thank you for putting up the pictures and info. on David D. Hand. Anyone interested might look at my website at http://www.dhprod.com. We are in the process of trying to raise funds to create new films based upon the characters of ANIMALAND.

I realize that the 8mm films are difficult, but if you want copies, you will find them for sale, all over the net, on tape and DVD. Image Entertainment has the rights for DVD in the US and Canada. They have been in distribution in 21 countries. Turner Classics also has them for Television.

27 12 2009
Pete Western

Happy New Year Hans

Going through “Dream Worlds” in search of inspiration for background styling on a short film I’m doing boards for at the moment. Marvellous book!
My mother and father met in 1949 while working on the “Animaland” films at the GB Animation Studio in Cookham, Berkshire. They loved working there but unfortunately the studio was closed down all too soon. My dad went on to work for Halas and Bachelor on “Animal Farm” and my mum on “The King and The Bird” – until I was born in 1952!

from hans –
same to you, pete.
I hope you interview your parents about their historic animation past and let everybody know.
there is such little unofficial information about ‘animal farm’ and ‘the king and the bird’.
I would love to read some stories about it.

28 12 2009
David Hale Hand

Hello Pete Interesting to know about your parents. Yes, it was unfortunate that the studio closed so prematurely. Dad was dispondent when he was ordered by Rank to close. It took him a long time to overcome his concern.

GBA actually did what Dad had wanted it to and that was to pass on the Disney type of film making to the GB animation professionals.

Dave Hand

28 12 2009
Pete Western

Dear Hans

Sad to tell you my father died in 2008 and my mother’s memory is not what it was. However I know she has a terrific scrapbook of drawings, photographs and memorabilia from the studio and some of my dad’s diaries may cover the period.
He did tell me lots of stories over the years – it was a vivid, pivotal time in the lives of many young out-of-work artists being demobbed from the army, after the 2nd World War.
When I can borrow the material, I’ll scan relevant material and send it on to you.

from hans –
sorry to hear that, pete. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

29 12 2009
David Hale Hand

Thanks Pete:

We will look forward to receiving any documents you care to send.


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