herbert leupin

12 12 2009

HERBERT LEUPIN, 1916 – 1999, is one of the most successful poster artists of all time. he won over 90 awards, created about 500 posters! born in basel, suisse, he studied in paris where he was strongly influenced by his teacher PAUL COLLIN, a famous poster designer, graphic artist and stage designer, as well as collin’s strongest rival ADOLPHE JEAN-MARIE MOURON, better known as CASSANDRE. before WWII started LEUPIN returned to basel to become an independent graphic designer, and where he led the so-called BASEL SCHOOL together with STOECKLIN, BRUN and BIRKHAUSER to dominate swiss advertising for the next two decades. most of his posters advertise for simple products like mineral water, soap, cigarettes and shoes. but he designed as well for coca cola and the circus knie. I love his work, the simplicity in his design. at a very early age I started to collect some of his advertisings. below are a few of his works.

© herbert leupin




2 responses

12 12 2009
Oscar Grillo

It is impossible to appreciate nowadays how influential this man was! Love these!!!

12 12 2009
zero mojo

I love deceivingly simple illustrations like this, ones that employ composition, weight, gesture…I’ll add him to my list with Morvan, Savignac and John “Guinness” Gilroy.

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