zagreb style 2

13 12 2009

THE INSPECTOR RETURNS HOME, studio zagreb 1959. written and directed by VATROSLAV MIMICA (born 1923), designed by ALEKSANDAR MARKS (1922 – 2002), animation by VLADIMIR JUTRISA (1923 – 1984), backgrounds by ZLATKO BOUREK (born 1929). the short does not really have a recognizable story. but it is not important for me, lookwise it is a masterpiece – the style is so different from everything that had been done before. imagine these BG’s at the end of the fifties. collages that remind you more of some abstract picasso artwork, and the characterdesign that is not following any design-rules. no wonder the film started a new expressionistic look in zagreb films. its makers were the leading talent of the studio for the next decade. here are a few captured scenes.

© zagreb film




2 responses

14 12 2009
zero mojo

Opulant and sublime! Was he a contemporary of Czech artist Zdenik Miler? Any influence on Uspensky’s Cheburaska or the modern stylings of Ryohei Yanagihara in the ’60’s? Or even a dubious influence on Jay Ward?

17 12 2009

Really reminds us what this medium can do…anything!

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