analysis 2

15 12 2009

some more about composition. I analyzed an establishing shot from disney’s MICKEY AND THE BEANSTALK, the scene where the three adventurerers see the castle in the clouds for the first time. it is a beautiful shot, perfectly balanced.

the composition grid with golden section markers

the values – lights and darks

the primary colors

and the final shot

and two more examples for basic composition from disney’s BAMBI.

© disney enterprises, inc




2 responses

15 12 2009

Hi Hans,

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what do those golden lines mean? and the purple and green ones? Are there any books that talk about that

from hans –
sorry, I thought it was clear if you looked at the samples. in the beanstalk image you have the yellow basic grid that divides your format in half, vertical and horizontal, and adds the diagonals to the all of them. the bottom blue marker is the vertical GOLDEN SECTION for the whole image. the purple markers divide the 2 smaller upper ‘boxes’ in the golden section, in each case starting from the center. as far as I know there is no special literature about this subject, except the book that I am writing right now.

26 12 2009
Jeremy Deveraturda

Hmm.. Interesting! I wonder if you can apply these guides to old master paintings as well?

from hans –
that’s where the rules come from…

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