zagreb style 3

16 12 2009

in the mid-eighties I contacted STUDIO ZAGREB and after some negotiations I was able to order VHS-copies of my favorite zagreb-film shorts from the fifties and sixties. in total – 28 films! the studio made video copies just for me, that’s why it had it’s price. unfortunately about half of the shorts were in a very bad condition, the prints they used had changed colors, and the transfer was not color- and light-corrected. but I was very happy to have the films I always wanted to see, since I only knew them from descriptions and pictures in a book about zagreb animation.
I am not sure what is left from these films after the war in yugoslavia in the nineties, hopefully they were able to save the master negatives. well, VHS is not the best archive material. that’s why I transferred the original VHS tapes in the end-nineties digitally, and I burned them additional onto DVD’s.
after I had started with my archeology-hobby and the recreation of animation-backgrounds, I checked the zagreb-archives as well. the shorts, where I really wanted to see the BG’s, were mostly in a very bad color- and image condition. but recently I began to restore some of them. it is a pretty time-consuming and difficult job, since I have no idea how the original colors looked like. a while ago I started already to post some captured scenes of my favorite zagreb-shorts. but today is the PREMIERE of the first recreated pans of a short that probably not too many have seen.
HAPPY END was created in 1959, written and directed by VATROSLAV MIMICA, designed by ALEKSANDAR MARKS, animation VLADIMIR JUTRISA, backgrounds ZLATKO BOUREK. after I had seen only one black/white image from the film in the early sixties I wanted to see this short. it took a while! the concept is a bit weird, the film starts at the end and moves forward to the beginning. but – the style is amazing, the surrealistic scenes are very long and it looks like DALI had been hired as consultant. unfortunately most of the short is too light, no color at all, even the best software can’t help. but I was able to at least recreate a few longer pans and want to show them to you.

© zagreb film




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