18 12 2009

already 25 years ago! incredible. beginning of 1984, the GEORGE ORWELL year, I had been one of the designers of the new logo for the first german tv-station, ARD 1. the general opening logos and titles for all different program sections were done in CG, at that time a very time consuming and extremely expensive adventure. I was several times in COLUMBUS, ohio, where the CRANSTON-SCURI computer animation production was located, on the campus of the ohio state university. the founder and head of the school and COMPUTER GRAPHICS RESEARCH GROUP was prof. CHARLES SCURI, considered the pioneer of computer art. I was supposed to supervise the production of the first animated logos for the german tv-station, since I had done all the storyboards. following are two of many boards from that year, and 2 pictures from cranston-csuri.





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19 12 2009
Christoph Heuer

I remember these images from German TV. Came over the first color TV we had (in 1985!). Thanks for the memories.

20 12 2009
Tom Sito

Hans, thanks for the info about Cranston Csuri. Charles Csuri was an interesting person- a college football star and decorated veteran of the Battle of the Bulge, he became a fine artist and animated the film Hummingbird in 1968, the first computer animation of a figure (bird) in motion. Before that all CG was of abstract patterns and diagrams.
Charles Csuri headed the computer graphics department at Ohio St University and his star pupil was Chris Wedge, director of Bunny and Ice Age.

21 12 2009
Bryan- Logo Design

that’s is really a wonderful post, logo design of 25 years ago. awesome.

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