german illustration 1

21 12 2009

the following illustrations were done by DIETER LANGE, a german illustrator who contributed countless illustrations to the magazine STERN and the attached children magazine STERNCHEN from the mid fifties on. for nearly every series he illustrated he came up with a different style and a new technique. unfortunately I don’t know more about him, I wish I would. maybe one of the readers has some more information.

© dieter lange / gruner & jahr




3 responses

7 12 2011
Bettina Welch

Dieter Lange is my uncle, I am thrilled to see that you like his art.
We really miss him.

17 08 2014

I love this art so much!! Where can I find a book of his work? I can’t find anything online…

from hans –
unfortunately there is no book or even a small publication on the internet with DIETER LANGE’S work.
I might have collected nearly everything he has ever done during the 70s/80s. maybe I will do some more posts…

14 05 2017
Michael Bass

May 13, 2017

Hello Zelde,

I am a great admirer of Dieter Lange’s work, and, like you, have been unable to find very much about him on the internet with the exception of the illustrations shown above, and his book “In a Certain Kingdom,” which is available online from Abe Books. I own a copy of “In a Certain Kingdom” and the 1970 Verlag Sauerlander publication of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s Massel und Schlamassel with Dieter’s wonderful illustrations. Unfortunately, the book’s pages are yellowing as most publishers were not using acid free papers in those days.

I hope you will do more posts of Dieter’s work, as his work is very limited here in the U.S. and I would love to see more of it.

All best,

Michael Bass
Oakland, California

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