historic 1958

22 12 2009

a while ago I found this picture in an older publication. it was taken 1958 during the film-festival in CANNES. an amazing document, most of the european ‘all time’ animation legends are there. I identified some of them but a lot are still missing. maybe someone can help me to identify who is left…





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22 12 2009
Michael Sporn

The far left is John Hubley.

from hans –
thank you, michael. so I was wrong with just ‘european’.

25 12 2009
Matt Jones

Terrific photo-what was the gathering for? Was animation celebrated at that years’ festival?

from hans –
I think zagreb film won an award, that’s why there are so many artists from the zagreb studio on the picture.
no idea what it was for, maybe initiated by asifa just to remember the event. in the magazine or book where
I found the picture, there were all the signatures of the artists around the foto. maybe I should post that to.

11 04 2014

Standing: the third from right is Jean Image, the lady in the middle is Claire Parker, the fourth from left is Michel Boschet. Sitting: the first from right, next to McLaren, is critic Andre’ Martin, the fourth from left is Henri Gruel.

from hans –
thank you, giannalberto!

27 05 2014
Vivien Halas

Look in my book on Halas & Batchelor Cartoons, and most of the people are there. I will be back at home next week and have a look for you.

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