the ‘patterson girl’

25 12 2009

RUSSELL PATTERSON, 1893 – 1977, became a famous illustrator in the early thirties in NEW YORK, after a less successful start as a cartoonist. these were the good old days when leading graphic artists were as famous as movie stars. patterson illustrated covers and interiors for magazines like LIFE, and later SATURDAY EVENING POST, VOGUE, VANITY FAIR and COSMOPOLITAIN. some years before the GIBSON GIRL had been celebrated, now it was the PATTERSON GIRL. patterson worked as well on BROADWAY as a costume- and scenic-designer. JOE GRANT gave me copies of a lot of patterson’s work, following is some of it.

© russell patterson




2 responses

28 12 2009

Caricature, fresh, stylized, bold, delicate, designed. Man oh man there is so much to learn. Thanks for sharing.

2 01 2010

Have you seen his illustrations for the Wedding of the Wooden Soldier and Painted Doll children’s book he did for Bamburgers? It was a giveaway back in the 20s, a coloring book of sorts. Very rare book but nice illustrations.

from hans –
no, but in case you have it or you know where to see some of it, why don’t you send me some more info

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