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26 12 2009

the following are some illustrations from children books I enjoyed when I was a lot younger. I found out more about the illustrator, it is FRITZ BAUMGARTEN, 1883 – 1966. he studied art at the royal academy in dresden and munic. first he made a living designing picture postcards, but soon he became well known as an illustrator of children books. his imagination and the love for detail is impressive, no wonder his over 500 illustrated books were very popular and some still are in new editions.

© schwager & steinlein publisher / fritz baumgarten



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27 12 2009
Joseph Feisnilver

Thanks for sharing these, they are really amazing. Your blog is great keep posting I can’t wait to see more.

4 01 2010

ich erinnere mich noch, als ich klein war hatte mir meine mutter ein paar kinderbücher von fritz baumgarten vorgelesen. es gab immer eine menge zu entdecken. schöne bücher! :))

12 07 2011
Lisbeth Larsen

I was very happy to discover your blog, and particularly the pictures by Fritz Baumgarten!

Now I wonder if you ever heard of a female illustrator of German children’s book. Her real name was something like Friedrike Johanne Langhals, her artist name was “Freddie” or “Freddy”, and she lived in the 1800s. I once found some of her drawings on the net, but sadly seem to have gotten her name wrong somehow! At least I have been unable to find them again.

from hans –
sorry, but I never heard about her or a similar name.

24 07 2011

I would love to be able to buy a modern edition of the book these came from ,can you tell me please ,especially the lantern picture .There are so many books he illustrated ,wouldnt know where to start ,
thank you.

from hans –
try and find this halfway complete edition from 1998 – FAHR MIT INS WICHTELREICH, SCHWAGER & STEINLEIN VERLAG, WALDSTRASSE 98, D-90763 FUERTH, GERMANY. or through the antique bookstore website – – good luck!

24 07 2011

Thank you very much Hans ,I have just bought a copy from Amazon Germany .I am excited for it to arrive .
Can you tell me if the book with title Buntes treiben im wichtelreich has different illustrations ,I saw this one and thought it look very nice too !

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