eugene galien-laloue 3

28 12 2009

some more ‘belle epoque’ paintings from EUGENE GALIEN-LALOUE. the first one is from EDOUARD-LEON CORTES, to show you that the parisian painters apparently had their same favorite motifs. and, as you can see, even GALIEN-LALOUE himself painted a lot of the same motifs all over again through the different times of the year. another reason for that was that photography had become popular and GALIEN-LALOUE probably preferred to work in his studio from reference photos.

© eugene galien-laloue / edouard-leon cortes




2 responses

29 12 2009

Absolutely amazing.

21 02 2010
alex demchenko

I would love to find some high resolution pics of EUGENE GALIEN-LALOUE’S works…..I would like to project them onto my wall in my office…..rotating the images every hour or so via a projector.
Does anyone know where Ic an find any?
Would also like other “parisianism” style paintings for the same purpose.

from hans –
you could look for the book about his work
eugene galien laloue, 1854 – 1942, by noe willer, alexander kahan fine arts publ.1999
editions alexander kahan, N.Y. 212 737 4230

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