zagreb style 4

29 12 2009

THE BLACKSMITH’S APPRENTICE is a short from the ZAGREB-film studio produced in 1961, a year where the studio released as well the masterpieces DON QUIXOTE and ERSATZ. ZLATKO BOUREK did the script, the design, directed and painted the backgrounds. only the animation was done by JOSIP PECINKA. I love the BG-style, judge yourself in the recreated pans and scenes below. but I am sorry to say – that’s the only thing I like, the story is more than lame and the character-design is horrible. I add one captured image with some of the ‘creatures’. it is supposed to be inspired by HIERONYMOUS BOSCH. well, I don’t think so.

© zagreb film




4 responses

30 12 2009
zero mojo

Wonder if it influenced Peter Sis.

30 12 2009
Michael Sporn

I’ll have to watch this film again.

18 07 2010
Larry MacDougall

Hello Hans

I have only just discovered your blog and think it is absolutely terrific. I have been visiting pretty steadily for the last week or so trying to see everything – all the fabulous art – yours as well as all the other, older stuff – totally inspiring.
I am a book illustrator living and working in Canada – very familiar with A.J. Casson.
I have posted a link to your blog on my blog –

Thanks !
Keep up the great work.
Best wishes.

Larry MacDougall

25 11 2010
Benjamin Blue

Does anyone know where I can find this animation?
It was on channel 4 in the late 80s or early 90s in the UK.

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