chinese art 1

7 01 2010

I found the following drawings in my reference archives from the early production days of disney’s MULAN. they were copies from a chinese ‘comic’-book. unfortunately I don’t know the artist, maybe someone out there knows.

© unknown chinese artist




9 responses

8 01 2010
daniela vetro

Really beautiful, I love them!

8 01 2010

These are incredible! Thanks for sharing. Wow.

8 01 2010
randy valiente

wow! i like them all. very inspiring!

8 01 2010
Kendra Melton

These are amazing. I can only imagine what other little beauties are stocked away in your archives. Thanks for sharing :]

8 01 2010
Frank Hansen

Your Blog is SO incredible. So full of incredible stills and references. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting all this wonderful stuff.

8 01 2010

well i think i have these comics.
(yeah they r comics about chinese history)
i’ll go check 4 u later:))

11 01 2010

These blow my mind, thank you very much for sharing. I’m only beginning to delve into the treasures of your blog, great stuff!

15 01 2010

I love these, they’re so inspiring. Your blog is so full of amazing stuff!

27 03 2012
Craig Grasso

I’m looking for the same information, I have them from my MULAN days as well but could use more images. If you figure out where to find them let me know.

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