9 01 2010

for the major film releases in the fifties and sixties there were always program-brochures and even small booklets you could buy when you saw the film. they usually had some information from behind the scenes and the making of. and sometimes they included some beautiful illustrations. I got quite a collection from those days, it was the only source for more information since there was no internet and no ‘making of’ books. the following illustrations I selected were done by JOSEPH J.SMITH and BOB PEAK.

© MGM / WB




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9 01 2010
Kendra Melton

Wow that’s really interesting, I never knew they did that. I wish they still did. That’s one of my favorite parts about getting movies, checking out all the behind the scenes features and if there’s an “Art of Book” check it out too. There was an awesome Bob Peak show here in LA a couple months ago. I love his work, I got tons of pictures.


from hans –
kendra, are you somehow related to the sculpturer kent melton?

9 01 2010
Michael Sporn

I also collected those booklets. They were so beautifully crafted; wonderful souvenirs of the films – which were events.

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