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13 01 2010

following are three paintings of three very important painters of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. I tried to analyze their composition in these paintings, that’s what all the colored geometrical lines and shapes are for.

WILLIAM-ADOLPHE BOUGUEREAU, 1825 – 1905, is probably one of the greatest academic painters. comparing him with REMBRANDT it is said that REMBRANDT captured the soul of age, BOUGUEREAU captured the soul of youth. one of the largest body of work ever produced by any artist was created by him. he was arguably the greatest painter of the human figure in all of art history, his figures come to life like no previous artist has ever before or ever since achieved. not that he wasn’t just the best ever at painting human anatomy, more importantly he captured the tender and subtlest nuances of personality and mood. during his later years and the evolving impressionist era critics called him old-fashioned, a competent technician stuck in the past.

ANNE-LOUIS GIRODET DE ROUSSY-TRIOSON, 1767 – 1824, was a french painter and pupil of JACQUES-LOUIS DAVID. as one of the leaders of NEOCLASSICISM he was much admired by the painters of the ROMANTIC MOVEMENT, since he was adding elements of eroticism through his paintings. he is mostly remembered for his precise and clear style and for his paintings of the NAPOLEON family.

JOHN WILLIAM WATERHOUSE, 1848 – 1917, was an english PRE-RAPHAELITE painter, who portrayed the female nude as the ultimate and natural aesthetic. this painting HYLAS AND THE NYMPHS from 1896 brings to life a version of the greek myth, JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS. hylas, a companion of hercules, is seduced by a group of sea-nymphs who eventually drag him into the sea water with them.

© bouguereau / girodet / waterhouse




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13 01 2010
Jake Parker

Fascinating! Can you recommend a good BOUGUEREAU art book?

from hans –
I am sure there are a lot of good books published today, check out the internet as well.

13 01 2010

Hi Hans,
Do you have a release date for your next book on art?
I love your first book!
Thank you so much for your wonderful artwork, and your insightful art scrutiny.

from hans –
thank you, leo. no – I don’t even have a publisher. it is tough to find a good one…

14 01 2010
Elsa G.

I got so excited to see Bouguereau’s painting among others that you have posted.There’s this one painting of his with a composition that slightly similar to this except here it’s a triangular and symmetrical composition.In that painting a young mother gazes at her child, the lighting and calm yet loving gaze of the mother is so well captured.And if I were to see that painting in real life I would probably want to touch it to see if it is as a matter of fact real. I breathe a heavy sigh when I see works such as these.Thanks for posting it,Hans!

14 01 2010

I would easily pay 70 USD for a password protected, 1k (screen resolution) PDF of your next book if that’s an option for you. I did that for a course I taught last summer, where each PDF was also watermarked on each spread with the student’s name, so each PDF was very personal (super easy to do in InDesign). A little © paranoid perhaps but it was the best solution I could find at short notice.
Digital books aren’t for everybody but I personally don’t mind as I travel a lot in my work and can’t always bring my physical library with me do to the weight. And the profit margins for digital books are better as there’s no printing nor storage. Anyways, oceans of inspiration!

from hans –
well, you get it already for free! look at this blog as your book. it has by now about 415 chapters and several thousand images. I must admit I should make the text a bit more educational in some of the chapters. but – if someone is interested enough, they can leave a comment, a question. so far I have answered them all. go through all the chapters incl. the comments and you might get a lot of useful information. besides that look at my links.
they are extremely selected. I would say every single one is another resource for more information, pretty wide spread. that is enough for tons of PDF’s and books. coming back to my blog – I am publishing over the long run my complete archives that I have collected over the last 45 years. and I am adding more recent own work, as well as work from the outside. you can get even more in case you are interested in photography and reference, go to my photo-blog. all this is worth more than any published book in whatever format. and I have to tell you – it keeps me pretty busy, with a post nearly every day.

14 01 2010

Indeed! Wonderful, wonderful work and inspiration.

15 01 2010
Saud Boksmati

This is Awesome,
Thanks Hans

6 03 2010
Oscar Grillo

Hmmm. Too “pompier” for me.
A little while ago there was a retrospective of Waterhouse at the royal Academy. After the initial impact of his technical prowess a great vacuum is generated in the soul as you go on looking at his work. Something like an emotional asphyxia. The thing that made it more depressing was that he continued to paint nymphs and Sheppard’s while the First World War was going on. I prefer Kaete Kollwitz or Les Demoiselles D’Avignon.

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