21 01 2010

sketches from a shelved CG-animated short I AM, I was developing in 2001 at disney together with UMESH SHUKLA. It was supposed to be about birds, a journey through abstract art of the last century.

© © disney enterprises, inc




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2 03 2012
Demetris kalambokis

What happened with the rest of the skhetches?
Did they finally made the film?
Great work, most amazing library ever found (not only for animation)! We feel grateful for your time, your effort and your loyalty!

from hans –
I have most of the sketches. the project was shelved and never again touched
since I left the studio a short time afterwards. it is not the only project
that was stopped in those days, more significant was the WILD LIFE case where
the development work and about 3 years with a smaller crew as well as
cg-development costs had reached inofficially around 70 mill.$. it happened with
kingdom of the sun, later released with a new story and a new director as
the emperor’s new groove, where the costs were at 45 mill.$ at shelving time.
I don’t want to comment on that. the ‘bird’ short was shelved not because it was
too expensive, the real reason was, the studio in paris needed work for their
200 artists and the little bird-piece was not enough. disney paris produced then
instead the mike gabriel short LORENZO.

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