anton pieck

29 01 2010

in 1895 ANTON PIECK was born in a small village in the netherlands. most of his life he was a professor, teaching children how to draw. in 1987 he died at the age of 92. his paintings are very well known in holland, he is, after all, one of the founders and designers of the fairy theme park DE EFTELING, a dutch kind of disneyland. when I worked on the comic strip series ALFRED J.KWAK I was introduced to pieck’s work through one of our dutch partners. first I thought I was looking at GUSTAF TENGGREN art. but after looking closer I found out that he has his very personal style, portraying the very typical, charming dutch way of life. here is a very small selection of his artwork.

© anton pieck




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29 01 2010
randy valiente

wow! thanks for sharing

29 01 2010

the amusement park is called The Efteling, no R. and yeah, it is pretty whimsical but still one of my favourite spots in my home country. There’s also an (small but nice) Anton Pieck museum in Hattem, the small town where he was born. Two years ago, there was a big exhibit of a lot of his art in one of my country’s bigger museums, it was pretty great to see all his original drawings. Although I like his dickensian citycapes a great deal, I always preferred his book illustrations. You can see pretty much all his illustrations for 1001 Arabian Nights right here:

from hans –
thank you for the great information – ( I corrected the writing )

2 02 2010

That’s beautiful work. You are right to see the legacy of Tenggren – and maybe even a shadow of Dulac too, perhaps?
Thanks for opening my eyes to Pieck!

12 02 2010
Jeremy Fries

These are fantastic! Thanks so much for introducing me to Pieck! Do you know if there are any books dedicated to his work?

from hans –
yes there are two, you need to find them in antique bookstores through the internet.

27 02 2010

Realmente es un gran artista, exquisitos detalles de la época y las costumbres, realmente u muy gran artista.

1 07 2010

I grew up with Anton Pieck and the Efteling. (Nostalgic)
In Drunen there is also a building desinged by Pieck called: “De Voorste Venne”. It used to be “The Autotron” (A car museum) before they moved to Rosmalen.

A couple of houses around “The Voorste Venne” are designed like Pieck would do it, only a bit more modern.

Alfed J Kwak is also well known in Holland. It was a TV serie and there was an amusement park called “Het land van Ooit” where he had an own show. Famous actors from Holland did the voices and “Herman van Veen” did the title song of the series.

from hans –
I know the KWAK part since I was a little bit involved…

4 08 2010

Hola,cuanto puede costar una obra de Anton antigua? si alguien tiene idea al respecto,por favor……

16 08 2010

Hola, Tengo cuatro obras de Anton Pieck, queria saber si alguien tiene conocimiento en cuanto están valoradas?

from hans –
you should go to his website. maybe you can find some more information there.

6 12 2010

i was wandering if anyone know where can i buy anton pieck´s frames in london??

Thank you

20 06 2012

Does anybody know how much ‘castle’ is? The final painting scrolling down?

11 05 2014
Thomas B.

I found a 3D piece. I LOVED the colors, lines, and the uniqueness of the piece. I had never seen a piece like this or, if I had, it did not leave an impression; I bought it at a charity auction.
The signs in the picture said, “De Verguilde Appet,” and had a train/trolley going down the street.
Now I want to buy more. 🙂

Did he do the 3D art or did D.A.C create them with prints that they had?

from hans –
I can’t tell you, but I doubt that pieck did the artwork himself

29 12 2014

Thanks for the additional sites for Anton Pieck pictures. I have been looking a long time to find a picture where a Classroom is displayed and the text says something like” Dom als een ezel”, at least there is a reference to “een ezel”, have had no luck finding that drawing and I spent pretty well my whole Sunday on it, meanwhile I enjoyed reading the comments. Thanks for any help.

from hans –
I haven’t seen that picture. the text means – dumb as a donkey, maybe you find it easier in english search

24 07 2016
sheila silverman

what is the price of anton piecke prints

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