german illustration 6

27 02 2010

OLE JENSEN had in the early sixties one page in the german weekly magazine CONSTANZE. in his style he would paint portraits of some of the celebrities of that time, either movie stars or politicians. as far as I remember he was a very well known painter and a professor at one of the german art academies. unfortunately there is no information about him on the internet. I liked his unusual portrait style and his painting technique. following are the few pages I saved over the years.

© ole jensen / constanze

christoph heuer in germany sent me some more information about OLE JENSEN
OLE JENSEN, 1924 – 1977, painter, illustrator and caricature artist, was famous for his portrait caricatures, mostly of popular politicians and movie stars. in the sixties he became well known as a ‘live-drawing-artist’ in a berlin TV evening show. the series was called – HEAD OF THE DAY or HEAD OF OUR TIMES, where he was drawing live caricatures of celebrities.

chinese art 5

26 02 2010

for the weekend I thought I post some more of my favorite chinese paintings, of course – again, I don’t know the artist’s name **. need your help, in case someone out there knows. the paintings were displayed in a gallery window in one of the asian capitals, could have been beijing or hong kong, I forgot. what a beautiful combination of loose line drawing and watercolor. would work well in animation! traditional of course…

© unknown chinese artist

** the artist’s name is Fang Xiang,- thank you, james, for the information.

wood 7

25 02 2010

fa mulan

24 02 2010

tale as old as time

23 02 2010

with the following ‘historic’ photographs from 1989 I want to make reference to the post about disney’s WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY and the release of an upcoming book in august this year. the photos were done in london and L.A. during the preproduction of disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. there is my workdesk with colored storyboard pictures, the 9-picture composition was drawn by DICK PURDUM, who was supposed to direct the film together with his wife JILL. on some of the others is MEL SHAW at work on his beautiful charcoal illustrations. the book I mentioned is TALE AS OLD AS TIME: THE ART AND MAKING OF BEAUTY AND THE BEAST written by CHARLES SOLOMON. there will be a lot more pictures in the book from my collection and other sources.

© disney enterprises, inc


21 02 2010

as everything else the color is perfect in disney’s 101 DALMATIANS as well. responsible for the overall look and the production design, as well as the art direction of the film was KEN ANDERSON. but he relied on one exceptional artist for the right color choices in every single sequence – WALT PEREGOY. in hundreds of small mostly abstract color sketches he defined the right color combination of the characters and the backgrounds. see below some of his work compared to the final result in the film.

© disney enterprises, inc

waking sleeping beauty 2

20 02 2010

DON HAHN sent me a note about the opening of the DISNEY documentary WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY on march 26th in LA, NY, San Francisco and Chicago.
he wrote –
peter schneider came to me a couple of years ago wanting to tell the story of the animation renaissance of the ‘80s and ‘90s at DISNEY.  so many books and articles had been written about this dynamic and challenging period in DISNEY history, but we felt the story hadn’t been told with candor and in a way that captured the joy and struggle of the art form. We lived it, and we wanted to tell the story from our perspective — basically put the audience in the rooms and at the tables where we sat, in as realistic a way as possible. to accomplish this, the film is crafted with archival footage, home movies, and raw caricatures most of which have never been seen before. the end result captures the perfect storm of people and circumstances that led to what John Horn of the L.A. Times proclaimed to be “the biggest comeback story in Hollywood history.”
for anyone that works in the animation industry, they will probably recognize a lot of faces in the film, and hopefully learn something new about this fascinating period of DISNEY history.  For those who worked at DISNEY during that time, this is really their story and a celebration of their work. 
We’ve just launched the trailer on Apple Trailers, so be among the first to take a peek at the film at: