chinese art 3

2 02 2010

again some more artwork of two chinese artists. and again I can’t figure out their names. it is a very unusual style I have never seen anywhere else.

vital from spain informed me that the second artist is HU YONGKAI. you can find more about him here

© unknown chinese artist / hu yongkai




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2 02 2010

Beautiful design and color palate..amazing…very much traditional approach..thanks for sharing…

2 02 2010

Uno de ellos, el segundo, se llama Hu Yongkai.
Puedes encontrar obra suya en este enlace:

Yo tengo varias carpetas con dibujos suyos. Si me das tu dirección te los envío en baja resolución.
Un saludo y de nuevo gracias por tu maravilloso blog.


3 02 2010

i had to do a double take on the first row of paintings. are those digital paintings or are they traditional? it’s a bit confusing for me since…well it IS quite possible for some artists to make neat watercolor paintings like that…but these are truly stunning. i wish that the first artist can also identified by name…i’d really love to visit his/her website.

thank you for the post sir. it’s very inspiring

from hans –
hello gabey, they are traditionally painted. I saw some originals in a gallery in beijing. and they looked stunning, you are right.

6 02 2010

wow…and here i thought those kinds of textures were only possible in photoshop. what kind of medium is used on the paintings sir?

sir…i know this is out of topic but i would also like to know if you’re familiar with this film: “the thief and the cobbler” by Richard Williams? what do you think of that film?

from hans –
that is a longer story. we talk about that next time in school

7 02 2010
Artur Gorczynski

Beautiful shapes, truly art.

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