wilhelm m.busch 3 b

4 02 2010

here now the second part of WILHELM M.BUSCH’S illustrations for the circus story-collection book. BUSCH apparently loved the circus, the way it was a while ago. I still remember when I was in a circus for the first time when I was ten years old, the magical unreal atmosphere, the smells, the fantasy costumes, all the different wild animals, the dangerous stunts of the acrobats and the clowns of course. the last time years later I had the same experience during my visit to CIRCUS RONCALLI in germany. these images are burned in my memory, images I will never forget – like the sad clown playing a beautiful, melancholic melody on his rusty trumpet, the old lady riding on a white horse, big masked creatures, and clown PIC and his soap-bubbles, who I had a chance to work with on a tv show in the eighties. the drawings from this master-illustrator triggered all these memories and I am sure they do the same in some of you.

© wilhelm m.busch / heyne verlag




5 responses

4 02 2010

Beautiful drawings. Thanks for posting Hans.

6 02 2010

Hi Sir,
Very informative and inspirational blog.
Thanks for introducing this blog
Also thanks for the visit and comment on my blog.

6 02 2010

These illustrations are better than any circus I have ever been to. Thanks for posting these.

6 02 2010

Really beautiful drawings. Those lines are so loose and full of life.
Thanks for sharing!

6 02 2010

Fantastic drawings, thanks for taking the trouble to share.
That book must quite a collector’s item.

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