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12 02 2010

in my book – DREAM WORLDS, PRODUCTION DESIGN FOR ANIMATION – the last chapter is about the DISNEY MULTIPLANE CAMERA. I asked the disney archives ARL to help me with some official photographs and learned there were only four left. since that time three years ago I have searched everywhere on the internet, in blogs and old magazine articles for more pictures from the old days, when the disney invented camera was in use for classics like BAMBI, PETER PAN or SLEEPING BEAUTY. following are the pictures I found so far…

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12 02 2010
Alexey Kobelev

Hans, thank you for sharing this! These photos are stunning!

12 02 2010

I believe there are a few more in the Herman Schultheis notebook at the Disney Museum, although they are closeup and more technical. Fantastic stuff in that book.

In that book there are also some great pictures of the far more utilized horizontal multiplane camera, and even a few of the circular/diagonal multiplane designed for Fantasia.

from hans –
unfortunately I have never seen the book, only a few pages reproduced very small. and I am a bit far away from S.F.

13 02 2010
Michael Sporn

Hans Perk, on his site A Film LA, has posted many documents concerning William Garity and the invention of the Multiplane Camera. Three of these documents are extraordinary (as are the many photos you’ve gathered here.) You can see these docs here: 1, 2, 3

13 02 2010
Michael Sporn

I apologize for taking up so much comment space, but I just found three more posts on Hans Perk’s site that include lots of photos of the multiplane camera, some taken by Hans, himself. These can be found here: 1, 2, 3.

14 02 2010
Audrey Ang

I would’ve loved to learn how to use one of these wonderful machines! thanks for the wonderful pictures!

20 02 2010

Here is a 7 minute YouTube video of Walt Disney explaining how the multiplane camera works. Filmed in 1957:

Thanks for such a great website. Seeing such a great variety of different illustration styles is always very inspiring

from hans –
thank you, I talked about that documentary before – it is THE TRICKS OF OUR TRADE. and it shows a lot of other
very interesting things.

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