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14 02 2010

© disney enterprises, inc
© amblin / universal
© bilderfabrik




3 responses

14 02 2010
Zero Mojo

Hans, who would you say is the progenitor of the ‘modern’ cartoon style? The first inspiration of folks like Chris Reccardi, Shanes Glines, Lynne Naylor, Tadahiro Uesugi, Ronnie Del Carmen, the Ghost-Bot folks, etc? Who’s the watershed artist that took it from what I imagine is a European illustrative style and brought into the circa ’60’s world of lithe comics/cartoons?

from hans –
that would be a major lecture, and a new book…

19 02 2010
zero mojo

Ha! ^ __ ^ I understand, well, meanwhile, if you posting something on this subject, I’d be appreciative. I’ll keep an eye out. – ZM

16 02 2010

C’est magnifique.

I like your use of shapes, sir. How they aren’t what they are yet form something else.

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