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19 02 2010

a quote from WILHELM M.BUSCH
my desire was to draw, I wanted to get close to reality, wanted to create new realities – and somehow until today nothing has ever changed about that ambition.
the selected illustrations below are from the classic MADAME BOVARY, written by GUSTAVE FLAUBERT, published in 1963 by bertelsmann verlag.

© wilhelm m.busch / bertelsmann verlag




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19 02 2010

one of my favorite artists ever since i came to this site is wilhelm busch. illustrators like him, with that drawing style of inking and shading has always captured my interests. i honestly dream of becoming one someday…but right now, the demand in book illustration are focused on digital illustrators. i’m not even sure if there are still books that need this type of drawing style…it seems that all of them require color, and if ever it’s black and white…it’s a photograph.

but anyway, sir, i just wanted to ask what mediums does he use for his wonderful paintings? is it all drawn and painted with ink…or he uses other painting tools to put some shading to his works?

thank you for posting this…it’s really a treat

from hans –
next time you come over I show you an exhibition catalogue with some of his work. there you can see that he did most of his drawings with a simple ballpoint pen, and then he gave them some shading with watered ink. some of his earlier drawings were done in pen and ink technique, in his drawing classes he usually sketched with a pencil or a fountain pen. what you said about bookillustration today is unfortunately true, there are no illustrated books for adults anymore. childrenbooks yes, but more and more on a quality level that I lost interest to look at them. there are a few childrenbook illustrators I will show in some of the future posts like wolf erlbruch and lisbeth zwerger, that I admire. but most of the good stuff you can only find in antique bookstores.

23 02 2010

thank you very much, sir. i cant wait for the next time i’ll be able to come over. again, thank you very much…i’m very honored to be able to see those. thank you also for sharing me the techniques he used…i should give the inks i have at home a try…

also i’m going to be looking forward to the posts about wolf elbruch and lisbeth zwerger. i believe there’s another post you did last year about children’s book illustrators that also inspired me because of the stunning detail…sadly i forgot the name of the artist at the moment.

anyway, thank you once again…have a great week,sir!

20 02 2010

These illustrations are gorgeous! A real master!

20 02 2010
George Cwirko-godycki

this guy is great at drawing, he fills me with jealousy and respect

23 02 2010

thank you so much sir. i’m very honored. also thank you for explaining to me the techniques he used…i should give the inks i have at home a try.

i’m also going to look forward for the posts you’ll make for wolf erlbruch and lisbeth zwerger. since buying antique books will be quite impossible to do here in my country…antique stores here, seem to only contain mostly of furniture.

again, thank you and i wish you have a great week ahead,sir!

from hans –
you don’t need to search here in the city, below are 4 antique INTERNET bookshop groups, where you can search for international books from probably the last 60 years. some of them are affordable, you just need to compare prices. the only more expensive part is the shipping, and the 45% your country is charging as import-tax on books, – as far as I know the only country in the world!





6 03 2010
Oscar Grillo

Wilhelm Busch? Of Max und Moritz fame? The father of modern comic strip? I tought I knew everything, now I know I know nothing! Amazing!

Good Lord!..I just found he is not the one I was thinking about. “Vater werden ist nicht schwer, Vater sein dagegen sehr”

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