waking sleeping beauty 2

20 02 2010

DON HAHN sent me a note about the opening of the DISNEY documentary WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY on march 26th in LA, NY, San Francisco and Chicago.
he wrote –
peter schneider came to me a couple of years ago wanting to tell the story of the animation renaissance of the ‘80s and ‘90s at DISNEY.  so many books and articles had been written about this dynamic and challenging period in DISNEY history, but we felt the story hadn’t been told with candor and in a way that captured the joy and struggle of the art form. We lived it, and we wanted to tell the story from our perspective — basically put the audience in the rooms and at the tables where we sat, in as realistic a way as possible. to accomplish this, the film is crafted with archival footage, home movies, and raw caricatures most of which have never been seen before. the end result captures the perfect storm of people and circumstances that led to what John Horn of the L.A. Times proclaimed to be “the biggest comeback story in Hollywood history.”
for anyone that works in the animation industry, they will probably recognize a lot of faces in the film, and hopefully learn something new about this fascinating period of DISNEY history.  For those who worked at DISNEY during that time, this is really their story and a celebration of their work. 
We’ve just launched the trailer on Apple Trailers, so be among the first to take a peek at the film at:




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20 02 2010
Kendra Melton

I can’t wait, do you perchance know where in LA it will be playing? I tried looking it up but I couldn’t find anything definitive on it.

Thanks so much for sharing :]

21 02 2010

Saw it a few months ago. It’s not a particularly good documentary. Some interesting footage, though. Too bad they left out how the very people who are featured in and made this film helped tear down the Animation department over the next 10 years. THAT’S the REAL story.

21 02 2010
zero mojo

Looks good, Hans! I’ll go check out the trailer now @ the Apple site.
Btw, thanks again for the Leupin stuff from awhile back. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! It lead me to the amazing work of Viggo Vignby, his most famous sample here at this link:

from hans –
I am sure you mean – Viggo Vagnby

26 02 2010
zero mojo

Yes, him, too. Ha! ; )


22 02 2010
Jose Gatdula

I’ll be definitely gonna buy the DVD if it comes out. ( Real legal ones via import and not the ones being sold in Quiapo, he he…)

I’m really looking forward to seeing it and I’m sure all the guys at CREAM too. IT looks incredible.

The late Roy Disney, jr. would sure be proud.

26 02 2010
jung etienne

thanks for the news!I just saw the trailer and it looks very exciting.
I usually work alone and it’s a dream to see this passionate crew working together.

from hans –
yes, it was like that during that part of the production. just a team and leadership where everything was right.
and we had a dream! but usually it is different. with so many artists together and most of the time without a functioning
leadership, you have to deal with lots of egos, jealousy and backstabbing.

26 02 2010
jung etienne

That’s unfortunately the other side of the medal .I’m surprised about the team being not constantly supervised and directed.

from hans –
crews in traditional animation were sometimes pretty big. towards the end of the MULAN production there were 850 artists and
non artists working on it.

26 02 2010
jung etienne

I see ; Thank you!

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