21 02 2010

as everything else the color is perfect in disney’s 101 DALMATIANS as well. responsible for the overall look and the production design, as well as the art direction of the film was KEN ANDERSON. but he relied on one exceptional artist for the right color choices in every single sequence – WALT PEREGOY. in hundreds of small mostly abstract color sketches he defined the right color combination of the characters and the backgrounds. see below some of his work compared to the final result in the film.

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21 02 2010
Rudy Agresta

I know Walt didn’t care much for 101 Dalmatians after it was finished, however, it is my personal favorite. The animation is flawless, and as I am partial to graphic rendering with bold designs and flat colors, well, you have it all here!

Thanks so much for this post as well as all of your other 101 Dalmatian posts. Could possibly be the subject of your next book? I sure hope so!

Rudy Agresta
(p.s. Hans, in case you are interested, I just posted a new short film on my website that I did for the Arkansas Dept of Education. It’s on Animation page 1.)

22 02 2010

Nice film, but the film is FAR from perfect, especially in the slow and very draggy second half.

from hans –
thank you prof.hawkins for this insightful and extremely informative comment

23 02 2010

I like walt perogoy’s work better then how it came out in the movie. I guess things change through the process of making a film but his work is such a gem! (especially comparing it with how it looked in the film)

25 02 2010
William Wray

aways a favorite of mine watched it everyday when it ran on a cruse to the orient as a child.

26 02 2010
jung etienne

color sketches are very close to the final result. this wasn’t always the case in other Disney features

26 02 2010
jung etienne

and in my opinion it’s obviously the most elegant and “adult” design ever seen at Disney.

8 02 2011

I love this film from my childhood. And I think that I love it more nowadays.
Thanks a lot for all the 101 Dalmatians posts.
Saluditos, Miriam

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