chinese art 5

26 02 2010

for the weekend I thought I post some more of my favorite chinese paintings, of course – again, I don’t know the artist’s name **. need your help, in case someone out there knows. the paintings were displayed in a gallery window in one of the asian capitals, could have been beijing or hong kong, I forgot. what a beautiful combination of loose line drawing and watercolor. would work well in animation! traditional of course…

© unknown chinese artist

** the artist’s name is Fang Xiang,- thank you, james, for the information.




4 responses

3 03 2010

I believe that your unknown Chinese artist is called Fang Xiang

19 02 2012
roy price

I have looked at Fang Xiang’s work and it is very good indeed, however he did not paint the pictures shown here. I would like to know more about the artist or at least the name of the gallery he was displaying in please. Can anyone help?

14 03 2013

You can check with HaKaren Gallery in Singapore, Tanglin Shopping Centre 2nd floor. HaKaren Gallery has represented Fang Xiang’s for many years. Fang Xiang is an amazing and unique painter and I love his works too.

31 05 2015
Sity Catt

Those look like Fang Xiang, as in using the ink and water color wash, but the perspective is larger than what is more commonly seen of his works.
Those paintings look more like the early years style.
I lived in China for a long time and have American friends who lived in Guangzhou in the 90s. They knew him and own a few of his earlier paintings. Those above look very similar.

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