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27 02 2010

OLE JENSEN had in the early sixties one page in the german weekly magazine CONSTANZE. in his style he would paint portraits of some of the celebrities of that time, either movie stars or politicians. as far as I remember he was a very well known painter and a professor at one of the german art academies. unfortunately there is no information about him on the internet. I liked his unusual portrait style and his painting technique. following are the few pages I saved over the years.

© ole jensen / constanze

christoph heuer in germany sent me some more information about OLE JENSEN
OLE JENSEN, 1924 – 1977, painter, illustrator and caricature artist, was famous for his portrait caricatures, mostly of popular politicians and movie stars. in the sixties he became well known as a ‘live-drawing-artist’ in a berlin TV evening show. the series was called – HEAD OF THE DAY or HEAD OF OUR TIMES, where he was drawing live caricatures of celebrities.



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27 02 2010
jung etienne

haha! they’re all resemblant (except Perkins)
the german stars reminds me of the candid age of the “Heimatfilms”made in Germany during the fifties. Although Ruhman was already a big star in the thirties.

27 02 2010

Now why didn’t I think of that?
D A M N !

1 03 2010
Wm Wray

so much we have never seen in the usa thanks Hans

3 03 2010

where on earth could i find his work? there’s a book called Kopf Des Tages by him, but i can’t find it anywhere on the net!

from hans –
try this address:
and let me know

8 03 2010
Leighton Johns

Thanks for posting these they are fantastic. They reminded me a little of some of the portraiture of Bob Peak which exaggerated features sometimes to the point of caricature.

16 02 2021
Nora Jensen

Hi, I’m Ole Jensen’s daughter Nora and will publish a book about my father. His life, his arts, paintings and poems. On YouTube you can watch (in German…) a video from a reading I held on his behalf.

from hans –
only a few weeks ago I got your father’s book KOPF DER WOCHE from an antique bookshop in germany. can’t wait for YOUR book, and I hope you have more of his stunning color caricatures in it. please let me know when it is available

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