officer duck

5 03 2010

the captured images, recreated pans and layouts are from the ‘golden era of animation’, from disney’s DONALD DUCK short OFFICER DUCK. released october 1939, directed by CLYDE GERONIMI. the layouts are some of the most beautiful I have seen so far.

© disney enterprises, inc




4 responses

5 03 2010
Ignacio Carlos Ochoa

This pencils are so beautiful…!!
Sadly, excepting the pans that you are recreated here, the others backgrounds from this film, do not light up, due the confused character staging. There is a lot of close up shots, or the characters occupy a big screen space.

5 03 2010
Michael Sporn

All those angled telephone poles create a sense of excitement and movement. A very nice motif which translates well from layout to BG to movie.

5 03 2010

Beautiful, thanks for posting them Hans!

5 03 2010
Florian Satzinger

Wow, wonderful. Thanks for posting this

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