27 03 2010

the unusual delay with my posts doesn’t mean I stopped posting or was running out of ideas. I am recovering from surgery. purely accidental during check-up a malignant tumor stage 1 was found in my right kidney. as if I didn’t have enough rollercoaster rides! 40% of the kidney were removed, no complications. but the recovery takes a long time. one of the causes for this kind of cancer is working with color-solvents. unfortunately I did that for about 25 years, colored all my artwork with benzol based magic-/ AD-/ pantone-markers. what helped me to become successful in my design job nearly killed me. now I hope my computer work is less threatening.

the design above is from disney’s FANTASIA 2000, BEETHOVEN’S FIFTH.

© disney enterprises, inc




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27 03 2010

wishing you a speedy recovery hans.

27 03 2010
Aaron Spurgeon

Good to hear that your alright and had no complications from surgery. Take care.

27 03 2010

How contrasting that behind each creation of beauty there always lies the darker side. Welcome back Mr Bacher… wishing you the best

27 03 2010

Hope you’re feeling better soon Mr. Bacher. I’ve enjoyed followinng your blog and I wanted to thank you for all the fantastic artwork.

27 03 2010

Animo!!! Nos tenias preocupados. Esto no es lo mismo sin tu blog.
Te necesitamos.

27 03 2010

Gute und baldige Besserung wünsche ich! Und nebenher auch mal ein großes Dankeschön für all die interessanten Posts!

27 03 2010

Good luck with your recovery!

27 03 2010

Best of luck! I hope you recover well.
You are a continuing source of inspiration!

27 03 2010

Hola Mr. Bacher!!!, wellcome back, what an unespected news!!!!! I hope and wish you the very best recovery posible. We miss and need you, your Outstanding Art, and the way you Inspired us all. Thanks Again!!!! 😉
Take care.

27 03 2010

Very sorry to here about your illness. It sounds like they found it in the early stages. Best wishes to you. Thank you for your blogs, inspiration and sharing your experiences.

28 03 2010
Ignacio Carlos Ochoa

I am glad that you be well, and I wish you a quick recovery.

28 03 2010

hi sir,

i hope you recover well and fast 🙂

it freaks me out though how coloring materials can eat some of your organs to half. anyways, take care sir!

28 03 2010

I’m really sorry to hear about your op Hans, I hope you get better soon. I have been checking your blog every day and wondered why there were no new posts. Best wishes.

28 03 2010

Make sure your daily dose of vitamin D is not below recommended minimum for adults. I have read in science magazines that it helps to prevent various types of cancer.

28 03 2010

wishing you a quick recovery sir! Glad to hear there were no complications.

28 03 2010

Best wishes on a quick and complete recovery.

I check your blog every day for the treasures and insight you provide. As much as I enjoy seeing what will greet me, don’t stress yourself or do anything that might jeopardize your health. If blogging provides a relief for you, then please… blog away; it’s all wonderful.

28 03 2010

Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Your art and blog are amazing and your posts are missed.

28 03 2010

Wishing you a speedy recovery Mr. Bacher!!!

29 03 2010

Best wishes on a full recovery Hans, I was sorry to hear the news and hope all turns out well for you. Thank you very much for all your time and effort in sharing so much wonderful art.

29 03 2010
David Cousens

I hope you have a full and quick recovery Hans, all the best,

30 03 2010
Bill Robinson

Sorry to hear the news. But glad you had the surgery and I hope you have a fast recovery. Love your blog and your work, but no more markers!!

30 03 2010

gute besserung, hans

30 03 2010

Hans – hope you are feeling better….

30 03 2010

Wishing you a speedy recovery!! All the best.

31 03 2010

Here’s to a quick and speedy recovery!

31 03 2010

Dear Hans,
I wish you all the best! Get well soon!

31 03 2010
Floyd Norman

Welcome back, Hans. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

31 03 2010
Peter Oedekoven

Lieber Hans,

ich wünsche dir eine gute Genesung !!!!
Einfach zum kotzen ( entschuldige den Kraftausdruck ) das man scheinbar für alles einen Preis zahlen muss.

1 04 2010

Get well soon Hans!

1 04 2010
Ed Gombert

Shocked and concerned. Wishing you all the best Hans.

2 04 2010

Wish you a speedy recovery sir…

2 04 2010
Cat B.

Glad to have you back. Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery. Take care of yourself.

5 04 2010

Ah yes, we’ve reached that time when they start snipping bits off… seriously, sorry to hear about the setback, hope you are doing well and have no more of that.

7 04 2010

Hi Mr Bacher, I will never forget how a single consultation session with you has enlightened me on my mindset about design and how much it has helped to improve my work. Do take great care of yourself and wish you all the best sir!

14 04 2010
william wray

Best of luck to you. I know my day will come. 😉

from hans –
you can do something! go to check-ups once a year. the only problem with ultrasound is, it doesn’t detect small problems, when something starts to grow. CT scans would, but are too dangerous – one session is equivalent to 400 x-rays. imagine the radiation danger! MRI’s are the best, but very expensive. another solution is a healthier lifestyle! keep your cholesterol down, no fat food, not too much alcohol, no smoking, sports! I know – forget about all the fun!

23 04 2010
jung etienne

I’m late but I send you my best thoughts!
(I’m a bit scared of the diseases the computer waves might cause to illustrators in the futur)

from hans –
thank you etienne. but they are not direct life threatening

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