symphony nr.6

29 04 2010

this extremely long recreated pan is from disney’s 1940 FANTASIA, the PASTORAL SYMPHONY. for my taste it is a bit too colorful. but I am european, and especially northern-europeans prefer more subdued colors. more interesting is the stylized world that was created for the greek mythology inspired gods and fantasy creatures.

© disney enterprises, inc

1956 game

28 04 2010

games were quite different in the ‘ancient’ days! here is one that was published around christmas 1956 in the german tv-magazine HOER ZU. you played it with dice and the theme was around german fairy tales in connection with the magazine’s theme character MECKI. WILHELM PETERSEN was the illustrator, the same artist who illustrated 12 MECKI children books from the early fifties on and who took over the magazine’s comic strip series in 1958 from REINHOLD ESCHER. in a later post I will have a lot more about the MECKI character.

© diehl film / hoer zu

comparison 2

27 04 2010

in case of disney’s BAMBI preproduction work started in 1936, the film was finally released august 1942. that is six years. I worked on MULAN for five years, so I know what it means to be connected to just one film for such a long time. you prepare thousands of sketches, the style has to be developed, what means, the look constantly changes in the first years. the story changes as well, sometimes so drastically that you don’t even recognize the very first ideas. I went through that in WILD LIFE and FRAIDY CAT. it happened in BAMBI’S case as well. but for different reasons. it was a time when the disney studio prepared for the very first animated feature film – SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS. nobody knew if it would work, if the audience would accept a hand-drawn film of that length. if the story and the characters were believable enough, if the artists were good enough to do it. training started in the studio, the artists went to school. you can see how much they improved when you look at the shorts they produced during that time. masterpieces! but BAMBI was a challenge. a world had to be created that was believable. a world that could not be cartoony, in big parts the film was too serious for that. but they realized very early that it could not be too realistic as well. it is very interesting when you look at the first designs of the forest-world, especially GUSTAF TENGGREN’S designs. they look beautiful, like his PINOCCHIO-illustrations. in PINOCCHIO it was ok to draw all the details of a european little village, in BAMBI it didn’t work. the thousands of leaves made the background look so busy that the characters got lost. well, as you might know, TYRUS WONG changed that with the chinese-style influenced designs he came up with. beautiful soft watercolor and pastel sketches, where you could feel the forest without every single leaf painted. in the following pages you can compare the early value sketches and layouts with the final look in the film. sometimes the little soft pencil thumbnails look even more convincing than the elaborate oil-painted background.

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twilight bark

26 04 2010

the two recreated pan backgrounds are from disney’s 1961 101 DALMATIANS, one of my most favorite films.

© disney enterprises, inc

wilhelm m.busch 8

24 04 2010

in 1962 the german ROWOHLT verlag in hamburg published the german translation of HARPER LEE’STO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, WER DIE NACHTIGALL STOERT. the stunning illustrations in the 1963 edition of the DEUTSCHE BUCHGEMEINSCHAFT VERLAG were done by WILHELM M.BUSCH. here is a selection.

© wilhelm m.busch / deutsche buchgemeinschaft verlag

oldies 1

23 04 2010

these captured scenes are from animated commercials on the air in europe during the seventies and eighties. most of them were animated very, very well and the production value was high. you can probably recognize HEINZ EDELMANN’S designs in the ‘fanta’ commercial. the singing tomato was produced by ERIC GOLDBERG’S PIZAZZ-studio in london, the ‘corall’ colored pencil technique came from TVC london and the baby with the milk bottle was animated by the PURDUM-studio. I was involved in the car- and the tomato-designs and storyboards.

chinese art 6

22 04 2010

the stunning artwork below is from the famous chinese landscape painter ZHANG BU. he was born in 1934, started as a newspaper editor and became over the years one of the best known painters of this genre.

© zhang bu