6 04 2010

in 2006 I collected about 7.500 of the brushes I had designed over a period of eight years, put them into some organized order, so other artists could work with them – and designed a book of about 200 pages. in tokyo I found a publisher and the book came on the market the end of 2006 in japan. besides instructions and worksamples it contained a DVD with all 7.500 brushes for PHOTOSHOP / MAC or PC. the text was in japanese and english language, but somehow there were distribution problems on the markets outside of japan. anyway, I did not stop to develop new bruhes and by now there should be about 15.000 of them. below are some pages of the book and a few sample brushes of the new collection.

in case someone is interested – here are the book details
BORN DIGITAL INC. PUBL., tokyo, japan

© bilderfabrik




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6 04 2010
jung etienne

incredible work! very usefull.Thank you!

6 04 2010

Wonderful. This looks like an amazing if slightly overwhelming resource. Wish I could get my hands on them . . .

14 04 2010
william wray

Going to try and get it!

from hans –
let me know if it doesn’t work. then I find another way

22 04 2010
reid winfrey

Hans, I’m a huge fan of your work and pretty much require all my best students to go buy Dreamworlds. I’m going to try and hunt down this book and add it to my library. If you know of any spare copies I hope you will let me know.

from hans –
thank you very much. please let me know in case you can’t get through the japanese hurdles. then I will contact my publisher direct.

23 04 2010
reid winfrey

Hello Hans,

I contacted the Japanese publisher, who directed me to a Japanese Amazon site, but that site did not have this book. They did have Dreamworlds. Anyway, I have just written Mr. Ichibashi back and told him the same thing. If I haven’t heard in a day or two I will let you know. By the way, do you ever speak at schools in California? I have a tiny budget and would love to have you visit, or go to wherever you might be talking. About anything.


from hans –
hello reid, I will contact the publisher as well since there is more interest. I only lecture here in asia and once in a while in europe. if you are that interested, come over here. there are workshops in singapore ( this year oct.) and manila once in a while.

8 09 2010

Hello Hans,

Still trying to get the photoshop brushes book sent to a US address. It looks like it’s about $80 US. Does that sound right? I’ll continue to attempt a navigation of the Amazon Japan site, or have it sent to a friend I have near Tokyo, I guess. Is there possibly a US distributor?

from hans –
the price could be right with the weak US dollar. I am glad it works. maybe you get some distributor interested. but I doubt it will work. the
book is too specialized and only interesting for a few artists. hope you like the brushes.

23 04 2010
Tom Scholes

I would very much like this book 🙂

from hans –
please contact the publisher. the more do that the bigger the chances are that he does something. and it might give me the possibility to discuss a publication outside of japan

27 04 2010

Wonderful, I have been trying to find this book off and on since 2007 and had no luck whatsoever.

18 03 2011

Hello Mr Bacher,

I found your blog few month ago I ‘ve got to admit this is a really nice place to visit on a daily basis! I always wondered who was responsible for those amazing designs I was starring at on fantastic movies such as Mulan. Now, I’m glad I can put a name on this masterfull work: thank you so much for your soulful artwork.
I have one big question: I live in France and I WANT to get this amazing book “designed brushes for photoshop” but it seems there is no way for me to buy it on internet. I need your help, please!!!! As I am unable to read japanese on the edition site, can you tell me the exact way to get it. Is there a way to get in touch with the publisher?
Thank you so much for your answer to come.
All the best;

from hans –
send me an e-mail with your address, I will take care of it when I am back in singapore next week

18 03 2011

Thank you for this quick answer. I just sent you an e-mail.

5 07 2011
Nick Carver

This book looks like an amazing resource! Any more news on getting it published outside of Japan? Maybe an e-book version would be more simple to set up, or even just the option to purchase a zip file of the brushes?

Whatever format it becomes available in please let me know as I’d love to buy it.



27 06 2012
Jordana Gonzalez

Dear Mr Bacher:

I have been following your blog for a year now, and I must say, as a fellow artist, that you are a big reference to me since my earliest stage, for in Spain, Alfred J Kwack was a really big thing, and that helped to start brewing my interest for art.
I am very interested in purchasing your brush book (I am so lucky to own a copy of Dreamworlds already), but I find it impossible to order it from Amazon.JP, because they don’t do international shipping (I reside in Canada). Is there any way for me to purchase the book?
Jordana G.

from hans –
send me an e-mail and then we can discuss how you can get one

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