9 04 2010

recently I looked through my historic video archives and found some 16 hours of documentary stuff i had shot on hi-8 video during the years 1992 to 1994 in london, duesseldorf and finland. in a way this is my ‘WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY’ version of DREAMWORKS, what was at that time AMBLIMATION, located in london, acton town. I was allowed to shoot my personal video throughout the whole studio during the production of BALTO, in meetings, fun-events and reference trips ( to finland above the arctic circle, to study huskies and sled racing in deep snow ). nobody has ever seen this footage, so this is really a historic event. there hasn’t been any documentation about these few years of steven spielberg’s animated feature film production in london. for me it was a very good experience to work with incredible artists from all over europe. most of them moved in 1995 to L.A. and became the core group of DREAMWORKS feature animation. the pictures shown here are frame-grabs from the transferred hi-8 footage to digital then to dvd.





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9 04 2010
Jeremy Fries

Neat stuff! I would love to see all that video!

In looking at those pictures, one thing struck me: while I lived in London, I bought a second hand animation desk that looks suspiciously like one of those in the picture. You can see it at http://tinyurl.com/59ulgy. I wonder if it came from Amblimation originally?

from hans –
you might be the owner of a historic piece…

9 04 2010

great shots. thanks for the post)))

9 04 2010
jung etienne

very interesting series.

20 04 2010

Thanks for posting these Hans! Very cool! Love seeing all the artist’s work spaces and works in progress!

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